• yeah i'm back

    Can it get any worst than this?

    2008.07.22 - 12:20 AM
  • freedom of expresion-

    This will be my last blog. Freerick no more. Due to what my friends like to call foot in mouth or i like to call sturing the shit, I have come to see stuff i didn't want to see.It pains me but the rage can be no more.

    As i am enjoying this great weekend in Vancouver,rain and all,i can't but worry that we do not have freedom of expression left. it makes me laugh because as i am thinking this i log on here and see the cops blog under my name. i didn't write it but i must have pissed off someone that knows how to use a computer. Let it be who ever you are.

    I have tried, in my way, to show the pain people have in our rich country. The situation is getting worst. I have seen some many people die in the last 2 years,cold, frail, hurt, lost, loveless, i have to let go. I was becoming a monster,killing myself slowly..I made mistakes,the rage inside made me become an animal, but this system can make a sane man crazy.

    2006.11.04 - 03:14 PM
  • cops (pigs)

    i am not going to say much more than to ask the fat fuckin pigs that hang out at granville and nelson if you won your pay check. you are a bunch of fat pigs and fuck you asshole. u know, this site is paid by canada. so what fuck you asshole

    2006.10.27 - 02:40 AM

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freerick on 2008.07.20

so after hearing good stuff (again) about this site, i am back. everyone can have a change of heart.
well back on the streets. some old same old but this time rent prices might keep me homeless for a while.
so i am hoping this space will let me express myself and also reconect with the people.
anyways, will be back soon and with more of all so long

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