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Jo Bless on 2010.01.20

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." ~ Churchill

Jo Bless on 2010.01.20

Feeling Crystal's pain about having a home but feeling homeless in your heart. Chin up, baby. Good things will come your way.

Chris Aung-Thwin on 2010.01.21

Welcome to the site, Jo - it's nice to have you online.

Jo Bless on 2010.01.21

I was trying to send a link privately and it posted on my wall! Oops, there's no delete button. Sorry about that! Ignore please! lol.

It's good to be here, in more ways than one. I've had some tough times in my life too, and although Haiti is everyone's focus right now and that is a fantastic thing, I support all those stuggling to survive right here in Vancouver, and all over Canada. (I'm from Montreal originally and lived in Toronto for a while). My family deserted me when I was down, so it ended up that complete strangers helped me through the bad times. So, here I am, trying to pay it forward in any way I can. Thanks for the warm welcome people!


jhock on 2010.01.21

Hi,welcome to the would be great if you could join us for our HomelessNation Workshop that happens every Friday @3pm at the Gathering Place.

Anonymous on 2010.01.23

Poor baby.
Me wuvs you....

Opportunity cries, "Me wants to help Bless Jo soon as Jo shows me she's blessing herself."
"Jo's got it in her. Me knows she's good folk and gives more than takes. Me see's Jo wealthy one day".

Daily Hindu Wisdom;

In the hands of a benevolent man, Wealth is like a medicinal tree whose healing gifts help all.

- Tirukkural 217

Go fer it, Jo.

Jo Bless on 2010.01.24

Thanks, Voided37. Bless you ~ big smiles ~

I love that hindu wisdom quote and will pass it on. I have a funny for you: "Don't take life so seriously. No one gets out alive anyway." hahaha

You take care of yourself, I will do the same :)


Crystalstreetna... on 2010.01.25

Thank you for your kind words they have warmed my heart.

Jo Bless on 2010.01.28

There's a pair of homeless people who regularly panhandle in my neighbourhood. I saw them on the bus the other day, chatting on their cell phones. I get bus fare tickets from disability or I couldn't afford them, and I CERTAINLY can't afford, nor do I own, a cel. Someone wanna 'splain that to me? LMAO.

Me again

Jo Bless

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