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MsTerri on 2010.01.05

In November of 2001, I stopped a terrorists who had a pipe bomb in the trunk of their car. It was intended to be placed on a gasoline truck scheduled to detonate in Outremont.

At the time, my neighbours & the cops (Thiessen) said, "We don't want to spy on our citizenry". The cops wanted to just look the other way. RCMP came by to tell me I had only seen "plumbing". Until the VPD stopped the two men in a car I told them about and the VPD FOUND a, not plumbing, but a PIPE BOMB.

I didn't have to SPY; the terrorists acted out in the open where I could not help but see the pipe bomb they had taken from inside the car door and placed into a small suitcase.

Now of course Samir Ait Mohammed was deported... without charge of any kind.... and is a known... no not a plumber.... but a terrorist. So much for the RCMP, eh?

jhock on 2010.01.06

thanks for sharing your experience's and what you have seen..thanks for being a part of this sight..cheers.JH

MsTerri on 2010.04.26

Please feel free to copy the petition located at:

It is a petition to outlaw police self-investigation. I would suggest that on top of requests made in the petition, the requirement to becoming a police officer include 500 hours of volunteer training at any facility in Canada housing mentally ill patients.

It would be a way to test everyone's patience so that only the FINEST serve to protect and not every hothead the force can find.

MsTerri on 2010.04.26

This is a link to a Government of Canada website that spells out the rules and regulations regarding petitions:

Feel free to copy and paste the petition found at the link below and collect signatures on your own:

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