• Out of the loop

    So I'm out of the loop. As far as I know there are no more meetings and H/N is done. The website lives on which is really cool not bad for a three year project which lived on to see five years.

    2010.04.08 - 11:02 AM
  • skit zo fren ia

    Well Im trying to get my depo shot that I need every month cause I am a scitsophnic and well it didn't go well. I couldn't get it and I found my self getting really angry.

    2010.04.01 - 08:04 PM
  • Techno

    Techno I love it. oh oh I said the T word. I don't know why but its like the best thing or the worst thing in the world. I think its great. I went to a sober dance the other day it was blast.

    2010.03.29 - 05:57 PM

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vickta on 2009.09.04

well I get to got to school this year a ubc it's really quite a opportunity that has come out to the bule. I thought they were not accepting me cause the told us to check or e-mail the week after still three weeks later the contacted me via e-mail and I was in. I'm really excited for this it's going to be lots of fun to learn some basics of writing I met one other participante on the street she was really excited too. It's quite the opportunity for some one with no real hope of going to shool well not till now. I want to write about the Eatons skate spot and how it's gone forever. that's an Idea at least. I don't really know what else to say. I got to thank homeless nation for haveing them come in and do their info session.

Chris Aung-Thwin on 2009.09.08

Great news! Good luck at UBC! Let's us know how it goes...

vickta on 2010.03.02

Well I'm in surry now at a recovery house called pathway to freedom. It's a nice place to get a grip on being sober. I haven't used a needle since december 7th. I just got some glasses today and I am very greatful I can see again. I never got to finish school at ubc. Still I can go back since I'm a student for 4 years. I'm just happy to be alive and not have to use drugs to cope with being me. I smile alot more and even got to talk to my son. My brother and other family members are back in my life. It's a real blessing.


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