• The Pheniox

    She rises from the dust
    A pheniox reborn from the ash
    Memories held within a soul
    Washed clean from tears cried
    Baptised in bloode from a battle
    Fought within a hungry heart

    2010.05.16 - 12:30 AM
  • Health Matters

    I have been plaged with a comming and going pain sorta below my rib cage on the left side for like many years. I was poking around and there seems to be a dime size lump.......Is this strange.

    2010.04.28 - 08:39 PM
  • Fear of hunger

    Well I start at the college for a month long course may 3rd, I hate leaving my son in a strangers care befor he can talk. But I don't have a lot of choice.

    2010.04.28 - 11:21 AM

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Crystalstreetna... on 2009.08.13

Looking for people from the streets of Victoria who I miss and love.

Chris Aung-Thwin on 2009.08.13

Welcome to the website! It's good to have you online.

Anonymous on 2009.08.17

Row, Roll, Row yer boat,
Gently down the stream.
Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily
Life is but a DREAM.
So be your own hero.

monique on 2009.09.18

Hi, welcome! Congratulations with your achievements - it's not easy, I'm sure, kicking crystal meth first, THEN raising a child on your own.

Monique (former outreach worker for HN in Victoria)

steph36 on 2009.09.22

---say hi to the homeless--
I really love and miss my victoria street family too....thanx for watching my video....means a lot to me that people from the same place are touched by it...youre a strong woman...keep it up

jhock on 2009.11.02

hey H/N buddy..actually you have to accept the invitation which activates the buddy go ahead,accept..peace be with you and your family..blessings..JH

Chris Aung-Thwin on 2009.11.04

i didn't hear about that accident! horrible, just horrible.

i'll try and look into it and find out more info...

Anonymous on 2009.12.18

Jeeesh mon...
I noticed a blond I'd never seen before on the avatar gallery. I "loves tha women" as Bearclaws in the movie, 'Jeremiah Johnson' says, so I clicked on her to see who the new girl was....
Tasty pic, cutie.
Thanks for letting us see the real you.
Ain't she a cutie, Chris?

Zenny on 2010.04.13


Congratulations on doing well. You have every right to feel pridem, hold your head high. Being a mom is really the most important thing, nothing else matters much when compared to that.

risinspirit on 2010.04.19

The Angelic World

============ =====

The Angelic World is all around us. By shifting our awareness just ever so slightly we can see them and the light and love they emit into our physical world. You may not think that you can see angels, but you can. You can see their work every morning at sunrise and every evening at sunset. The blue sky above us is a constant canvas of ever changing light and hues. Looking into the Angelic World by attuning to the natural world is the simplest manner. And it is there for all of us to engage ourselves.

If one devotes a small amount of time to being aware of the Angelic’s work and mission in our world through personal prayer time, one can remedy our seeming blindness to angels quickly. Most of us concern ourselves only with the human facets of our prayers, or exploring and defining the principles of our lives or asking for intercession for ourselves or others. Which are all very necessary parts of communing with God. But by leaving out the natural world in daily practice we are missing the angel’s subtle touches.

Take a moment to appreciate the Divinity that lives within each of us as a Child of God. And as we do, we are able to create the space that attunes us to the angels. This is the next step, once the space has been created through one’s grateful heart. One begins by allowing oneself to breathe in Love and Light and allow the space between the atoms of our bodies to be filled with Golden Holy Light from the heavenly realms. In this way we are receiving from Within where the Heavenly Realms reveal themselves. For when I look upon a flower or a cloud, what is revealed will be different according to my state of mind and heart. If I am rushing to ‘finish’ my prayer time I may miss a beautiful pattern of Light revealing itself at only sunset when the sun reflects a certain light. But if I take my time and breathe in Light and Love and allow myself to truly absorb it deep within..My whole being relaxes and I remember I am a Child of Divine Love. And I see the Angels in the patterns of nature reflected back to me in the physical world.

The colors of nature are the most vibrant and wondrous in the springtime. By tuning into the natural colors of flowers and green growing things one can reinforce this awareness of God’s world and the Helpers all around. Seeing angels is really sensing angels using our eyes, our physical sensations of sound, touch and taste, and our minds and hearts to gather the information into another context. Pretending to see fairies attending the flowers and plants by seeing them a made out of the patterns the leaves or the lay of the flower petals is one way. Looking upon the cloud formations and seeing different shapes, lets the angelic realm know we are open to interacting with them. Asking for guidance to unfold our awareness for our highest good, in perfect and pleasing ways protects us from misinterpreting what we see.

There are unseen forces working for our highest good at all times. And beyond all time, for this is where the angels reside, beyond time in eternity. And sometimes for a moment I am there, too. So, too can you also experience Angelic world in your own created sacred space. Make the space for their companionship and assistance and you will find them there and tangible…in the flowers, the clouds and in the blue sky above you.

The Golden Mean is revealed in the structure of flowers, in the structure of the human arm and hand. It is revealed in the spiral of galaxies. This tells me that there is an overall structure and plan to the universe from the tiniest to the greatest. One only need reach out, literally with your hand to attune yourself to the resonance of Heavenly Order. For what you focus your awareness upon naturally comes to you by way of your physical being.

Many times angels are said the leave the fragrance of flowers, roses, jasmine, lily when they are visiting. Some are said to leave the fragrance of a newly washed sky after a rainstorm. For me it is paint and the smell of a primed canvas that brings to my mind and heart the Angelic World. But then, I have painted over three hundred angels so this is natural for me. Each of the paintings is of a Guardian Angel. They have revealed themselves as belonging to several ‘families’ or angelic chords that have similar wing structures, colors, faces, hand mudras or accoutrements accompanying them. This similarity and pattern in the angel paintings began my fascination with the patterns found in the natural world. It has taken me to my own garden to photograph and to study sacred geometry and to allow these patterns to manifest in my artwork.

The more I study and the more I research, the more connections I find to the sacred spiral of the Golden Mean in even my paintings. This one was done about ten years ago on parchment paper with tee-shirt paint and was done hurriedly as if I was taking notes in a class. I have since connected this to the torsion field of the DNA and how we are transformed from within by this initiation of resonance to our Divine birthright of being Children of a Loving God.

The space within our DNA is what connects to the whole Universe to us and from here we can go anywhere that Love guides us. The basics of hyper dimensional physics are being studied by our brightest science minds and they are finding that we are all able to rise up and interact with the Divine Realms and that it is inhabited by intelligent beings. Who bring insights via sacred geometry and wave fields that follow the structure of the known universe and will eventually bring us all to the enlightenment that blends science and spirit into the cohesive whole where the Divine Realm’s companions already exist – but wait for us to “Be Still and Know.”

I call these Companions, Angels. Perhaps you will see one in your garden within and begin to live your life in the Company of Angels, supported, loved and uplifted by their Divine Presence. God’s invitation awaits your awareness of this Golden world that unfolds within when we direct our attention to the natural flowing world of blue sky, fragrant flowers and green fields…and rainbows in your garden on a sunny day.

Bright blessings,

homeless_artist on 2010.04.21

I am so glad that it touched you in that way. to have you write again. How inspiring. Who know what wonderful things that will held you to? It is one of the greatest things. I would like to hear your thoughts on the rest of the first section. peace and thanks for sharing your thoughts about it.

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