• fuck northern ontario.

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    2007.08.02 - 02:20 PM
  • my first pickup.

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    2007.07.09 - 03:48 PM
  • Skytrain Injustice

    There are to many things wrong with our city. The people, the politics, the cops. But my focus today are the obvious faults in our transit system. Not only the way that it is conducted, but the way it is patrolled. This weekend on Friday, I went out to Surrey to see Kels and Allen and Smoke. I braught Loki along with me. Of course this trip involves using our public transit system, and of course dogs are prohibited on the Skytrain. No problem. I've gotten away with haveing my dog on the skytrain before. The ride out to Surrey was one without conflict. Only a few Skytrain officals decided to stop me, and only one decided to ticket me.

    2006.12.18 - 03:01 PM


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