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mussolini on 2009.03.03

Kritler im glad you r recovering.

scaryclown5978 on 2009.03.03

welcome to the site.
Don't take life so seriously, nobody gets out of it alive.

mussolini on 2009.03.03

has anyone heard from kritler recently like within the past few weeks

Pianoman on 2009.03.14


8-) best wich for hope faith and courage !

scaryclown5978 on 2009.03.25

hey hows it goin havent talked in a wile you find who you are looking for I hoep so and that they are alright ttyl
PEACE,LOVE,HAPPINESS, what we all need!!!!!!!

mussolini on 2009.07.24

Hope is not dillusional
faith is not lost
love is not a dream
can i get a diet coke?

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