• who am I really

    So who am I really
    A name
    A date
    Something just to be filled out on a form
    Some data in a computer
    Is that all I really am

    Or am I person
    Who is known a certain way

    2010.05.23 - 06:10 AM
  • thinking of doing something

    So I have a plan and that it is all it is for right now...To go train hopping in about year its jus in the planning process and what not...

    2010.02.26 - 05:04 AM
  • Question Answered

    Alrighty guy thought I was from the island or he wouldn't have asked me to travel sooo far from home so now I'm being sent to kelowna way for school its kind of frustrating but I gue

    2009.09.09 - 12:40 AM

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Chris Aung-Thwin on 2009.01.08

Welcome to the site!

Pianoman on 2009.03.07


8-) best wich for hope faith and courage !

jhock on 2009.09.04

hello.just a comment on your move to Vic.just remember to bring lots of cash(do you have work out there??cause i remember it was hard finding decent work out there.It is amazing out there but also a large homelessness population so be prepared to see lots of people out on the street..cause of the good weather year round it brings out a lot of people..Ok peace be with you.cheers..JH

christie81 on 2013.08.25

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