Chris Aung-Thwin on 2008.11.10

Welcome to HN! Nice to have your voice on the site.

Malcolm on 2008.11.12

Today is November 12 , and it is my birthday .

Rose Henry and the Homeless Committee have framed the Victoria Police , Implicating them in the disappearance of my belongings on Gonzales Beach.

Malcolm on 2008.11.12

One of the mayoral candidates , Johnathan LeDrew recently lost his home . David Shebib kicked him out of his motorhome, in order to play footsie with Alan Lowe by plastering up a whole bunch of bullshit on the side of it so he could use it for his grandstanding .

What a hypocrite David Shebib goes to the committee to end homelessness , but he kicks out his so called "friend" out of a comfortable place to live just to push his own political agenda .

What a selfish goof !

Malcolm on 2008.11.12

Kirsten Woodruff ,

A few years ago , an individual slandered me by spreading a rumour that I had shown pornography to a 9 year old girl , who just happened to be my best friend at the time.

I really don't appreciate being attacked by groups of angry teenagers because of that slander .

Now I see that Rose Henry is misrepresenting me and what happens in my life, in a public forum by putting out rhetorical bullshit on my keeping dry video , and it is really pissing me off !

"The city cops tried to make him put away his home ... Take the risk"

Maybe you should check out my "Emperors Penthouse" video , because it is obvious that I often sleep on private , as well as public property .

Kalanu's comment, " ... and though we have no reported cases of illness related to putting your tent away wet ... " , sounds exactly like something Paul Battershill would say ,"... the decision to handcuff the suspect is left up to the police officer ..." , which means nothing at all .

What a flacid boner !

Johanathan LeDrew gets kicked out of David Shebib's motorhome , so Shebib can use the motorhome for his political grandstanding .

What hypocracy !

Shebib the selfish goof kicks out his so-called "friend" from a comfortable place to stay in order to play footsie with Alan Lowe, yet he takes part in the committee to end homelessness at silver threads .

Your circus at city hall is not representative of what it is like to live on the street. Life on the street can be hard and cold and evil. I'm a pretty tough man , and the streets, disease, crack and methamphetamine and a bunch of dumb jerks don't stand a chance against me ; so you can all count me out of your homeless committee circus, until such a time that you can set some standards and start acting in a more respectable manner .

If Tony Hoar is willing to back up all of this stupidity I have just blasted at , supporting the inappropriate actions of Rose Henry , Kalanu , and David Shebib , I will not use any creation made by Tony Hoar .

Malcolm on 2008.11.13

Proper representation of native affairs can be found here :

Jason Pierre holding sign -

" Is it RUDE to SUFFER???
While others are SHOPPING "

Hatrackman on 2008.11.13

If this is you, the guy that rages at me, I forgive you. You're running on preconceptions and the lies others tell about me. Most of the time I just figured you're a bit paranoid in your false presumption of me, some of the time, as well, I conject you are working for the city to sow disruption... after reading some of your stuff here I don't think that so much. I never called myself a homeless activist- the city just put shit where I slept and I will hold them accountable even if it means the destruction of the entire universe... if some homeless guys are getting razzed more now then maybe they will be forced to stand instead of just trying to continue being the capitalistic slave that most people have been born as. Essentially, the 'Crown', Chamber of Commerce, city council and the police are super criminal psychotic sons-o-bitches. The police maybe can be forgiven more because they have been under a delusion that they are serving some sort of higher good in the maintaining of order- its just that the 'order' is not natural, mostly because no one owns the land.... anyhoo- no one can act apart from their experience: so we don't have to waste our time with hate because everyone that has done anything has only done it because of their experience. May we forgive and shine with the truth so that they might learn.

patience be with you.

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