• Mountain aire lodge. need input.

    2010.02.17 - 12:31 AM
  • Why bless God?

    When it was YOUR own strength and faith in YOURSELF who has helped yourself off the streets? It was YOUR own will to live, in the deepest and darkness of fear? Why attribute to some unseen force?

    2010.02.13 - 05:07 PM
  • A question to homeless.

    In the past ten years of the first decade of this new age of aquarius and what not. Millenium, Y2k-isms.

    2010.02.01 - 07:41 PM

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showerking on 2008.09.15


Crystalstreetna... on 2010.01.04

Hey I think you need to be told this. Thank You! Volunteers put up with a lot and there hearts can be hardened if they are shown more agression than gratitude. Read my profile to know my story if you wish. But know people like you are appreciated if it wasnt a couple speacial volunteers who told me I was worth more I would have never had the strength to be were I am today. Don't become hardened! Because you never know you could just plant the seed in someone to save them, and not know it. Those who help the less fortunate in the front lines are often not givin cedit were credit is due. So I wan't to say good job and much love to you for what its worth.

Crystalstreetna... on 2010.01.25

Hey hope everythings good for you on the volunteer frontlines. Much love to you.

showerking on 2010.01.27

When you mention Front lines, are you refering to the Battle of Hanoi with the retreating helicopters? Or the Battle of Berlin with the storming of the Reichstag. (a very very hard level in the game, VERY hard), or the Battle of Pusan, where if the battle is lost, then Canada would have lost in Korea... But it was a despreate push. And Canada Won (well according to MASH we did anyways). I'm Korean-Chinese. So I'm glad that CAnada kicked commie ass. (and the funny thing is I'm leftist NDP voter ahahahahahahahahahaa).

Maybe the Mountain Aire, is the "Pusan" for the Homeless of Calgary. If the Mustard Seed can thrive here with our services, it could spread to edmonton, and across the country. Which is what Pat Nixon envisions.

From what I hear of the Mountain Aire Lodge, (they slowly plan to build a small cabin like Hamlet or town thingy out there too.

Crystalstreetna... on 2010.01.28

Mountain Aire sounds like a beautiful place, truely a helping healing oaisis. I wish there was something I could do to help with its creation or any part of it. I wish there was a place like that when I was an active addict and street person, mabe I could have cleaned up quicker. Found a home. I am starting school in march to finish high school and then I wan't to do a trade, welding or construction. If I can ever get out that way to help at all I would love to. You are obviously a very intelligent man and know a lot about history too. Yes, it is very much a battle 'homelessness', and just like the berlin wall the walls keeping those affected by it must come down so we can truely elimanate homelessness.

showerking on 2010.01.28

David Hasselhof was the reason why the Berlin Wall collapsed you know. But since I'm too young to fully appreciate the reunification of Germany and the consequent end of the USSR, what was it like Crystal? Was it truly magical?

My generation was the one preceeding this period. mid 90s. The Clinton years.... Now there was a great president. 68% approval rating! The highest. My generation was the Reunification of Hong Kong era world.

Crystalstreetna... on 2010.01.29

Lol showerking I wasn't there or anythin i'm only 28 years old. Are you pickin on me?

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