• When I was homeless ...

    When I was homeless, I was so sick with defeat and surrender that I didn't care what happened to me. I didn't care if I sat on a park bench all day and looked at my shoes.

    2009.12.14 - 03:06 PM
  • Why bother trying to help others?

    One of my favourite stories is the one about the wealthy vacationer strolling along the beautiful white sandy beach near his hotel, early in the morning.

    2008.08.29 - 12:35 AM
  • Skylight, AC, trendy neighbourhood ...

    One of my sketches is called "Skylight, AC, Trendy Neighbourhood" showing a man sleeping on cardboard against a city building.

    2008.08.28 - 01:16 AM

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pete on 2008.08.22

Hi, I was reading the site and saw your photo change from shadow person to blooming rose. Keep writing, thanks.

Katgrrl on 2008.08.22

Thanks Pete. I feel a lot more positive now that I've been whining all night about my life. I took the picture of the rose last month and thought I should use it because it's so astonishingly gorgeous.
Peace out.

jhock on 2009.12.14

thank-you for sharing your experience with us here at H/N.This info will help people im sure...I can relate to what you are saying..Peace be with you..JH

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