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    "I think that food is a human right. Water and air and food are essentials. They’re not nice-haves: they’re must-haves. If you don’t have each of those three, you die.

    2010.04.17 - 02:37 AM
  • Just a little update we're back from rehab...and we got a place in etobicoke(unfortunately we managed to pick THE worst street in etobicoke for crack...but anyways shit happens) and so far everythings going good.

    2009.02.27 - 12:14 AM
  • Here's a question for all of you:

    i was going through ontario's resources and let me tell you that from personal experience there are very few shelters for someone to go to if they're over 25.

    2008.10.17 - 09:44 PM

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