• my adboted mother just passed away

    Some sad news for us - Lorna has left us to be with her heavenly father. She peacefully passed away earlier this morning with Elsie and others around her.

    2009.10.22 - 06:11 PM
  • weather

    Hi everyone this is ben reporting at carnegie center on main and hastings the weather today is rain again for tommrrow as well on wednesday the weather will be nice and sunny

    2009.08.10 - 04:17 PM
  • thunder

    this is ben here From HNews the weather today is thunder and more thunder early we had some rain lot of it the thunder has been siting around for the last 2hours know

    2009.07.25 - 11:04 PM

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brampre on 2008.07.27

hey jay if you read this I need the update on that last show that we did @ the park across from life skills

brampre on 2008.07.30

hey jhock how are you doing i might come to the meeting and also did colin put the other video on the page.... send me a message when you get this

brampre on 2008.08.02

colinford it's ben here just let you know that my e-mail is not working right what should i do about that

fazzytazz33 on 2008.09.23

hay sup pops ? hows you??

punx on 2008.10.10

hey dunsmuir and richards 10 am church officials as of Oct 5th 2008 are TRESSPASSING ON SQUAMISH LAND COURT ORDERED please show and show yer Pride thxz

Anonymous on 2009.03.19

Your 'about' is what it's about.
Thank you for giving a care.
Glad your in our world. And glad you gotta domicile.

Row, Roll, Row yer boat,
Gently down the stream.
Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily
Life is but a DREAM.
So be your own hero.

EastEnder42 on 2009.05.11

hey man sup? how are you ? you live in vancouver so do i sweet talk you soon maybe we well run in to eachother some day lol peace out

EastEnder42 on 2009.05.14

hello how are you ?

Chris Aung-Thwin on 2010.03.22

Hey Ben! Haven't heard from you in a while... how are you doing?

christie81 on 2013.08.27

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