jayson on 2008.10.08

"Honoured to be on Coast Salish Territory"......lots of good changes ahead for turtle euro-canadian colinezer govt....more first nations unity and sovernity....mother earth is our real future>>>peace..jay

jayson on 2008.11.26

2 events to take note this week>>>
1)betty k in supreme court on nov28th@9:30am
2)SFU D/T....first nations tlk on the oilsands and its destruction on Nov29th@1-5pm

jayson on 2008.11.30

"Honoured to be on Coast Salish Territory".......update with our sister betty
Betty Krawczyk was arrested on May 31, 2006 and June 27, 2006 for breaching a court order by protesting construction of the Sea to Sky Highway in the Eagleridge Bluffs in West Vancouver, B.C. contrary to an injunction. She was found guilty of contempt of court and sentenced to 10 months.

[2] In November 2007, she filed this lawsuit against a number of parties. In May 2008, she added Dean Riggs as a defendant to the action. She now applies to add another party to this litigation, “John Doe”, almost four months past the limitation period.

[3] Mrs. Krawcyzk was involved in what she refers to as “one woman protests” on May 31, 2006 and June 27, 2006. She was arrested on both of these dates. She alleges, and has pleaded, that Dean Riggs, an employee of the defendant Peter Kiewit Sons Co., assaulted her on June 27, 2006.

[4] She now seeks to add another person to the litigation whom she alleges assaulted her in a similar fashion on May 31, 2006. She alleges that as she sat cross-legged at the bottom of the Black Mountain Trail exit-way, in the middle of the road, she heard a vehicle drive up behind her very close to her back. She felt he was too close to her. She believed he was releasing his brakes, rolling towards her, backing up and rolling towards her again. This incident was in the presence of two police officers.

This is a brief outline of our struggle with the british court system in getting equality.....she was shafted in getting another trial judge and now she will be back on Dec18th/2008 at 10:00am.....Robson and Hornby St......we need to fill their court system with alot of redskins and other your support for the coast salish territory and come down.....jay

jayson on 2008.11.30

BEWARE OF USING THE "S" WORD...indigenous sovereignity under attack

CSIS turning to natives in search of information

From Saturday's Globe and Mail

November 29, 2008 at 1:58 AM EST

Canadian spies are trying to recruit informants on a Quebec Mohawk reserve, telling their targets they're probing the national security threat posed by radical native groups and gathering intelligence on the murky, lucrative trade in contraband tobacco and online gambling.

Over the past 18 months, CSIS agents have approached several people with ties to the Kahnawá:ke Mohawk reserve south of Montreal and invited them to clandestine meetings.

According to the Mohawks who spoke to CSIS, the spies wanted information on native groups leading blockades in Ontario and were trying to assess the strength of political and religious factions within Mohawk communities. The spies said they did similar work in native communities across the country, raising the possibility that dozens of aboriginal groups are being assessed as potential threats to Canada's national security.

Former CSIS director Reid Morden said he was surprised to hear the spy agency is targeting natives. Such an initiative would have to have been approved at the ministerial level or higher, he said.

“If they want to operate in what people would say are sensitive areas like churches or universities or, for that matter, the native community, unless it's changed dramatically since I was around, and I don't think it has, the service would have had to put up to the minister, or higher, the rationale for why they wanted to do this, because it obviously has attendant political risks,” Mr. Morden said.

A Mohawk graphic artist said CSIS asked him what he knew about the blockades over land disputes in the Ontario communities of Caledonia and Tyendinaga. A young chief was asked about the possibility of a violent native uprising before last year's national aboriginal day of action. A youth worker was asked to identify a young man photographed in front of a cache of weapons in a Kahnawá:ke longhouse. Each of them spoke to The Globe and Mail because they wanted to make it clear that they were not collaborating with the spy agency. They said that if the federal government wants to know what Mohawks are up to, it should engage in a nation-to-nation dialogue, not secret intelligence gathering.

“The best way to solve issues with native peoples is government to government. You don't have to send your spies after us,” said Thomas Deer, 32, the graphic artist who was approached by CSIS this month. “I felt I had a civic responsibility to my community and to my nation to let people know that CSIS is doing this, that CSIS is watching native people.”

CSIS said it would not comment on specific cases or operational practices.

“We do not collect information about specific communities in Canada,” a spokeswoman said in an e-mail. “We interview individuals to solicit facts, views and opinions in order to become better informed on potential threats to the security of Canada.

”Mr. Deer, a frequent contributor to websites that promote indigenous sovereignty, said a CSIS agent telephoned him at work on Nov. 3. The woman said he should not be afraid, but that she would like to meet with him and lay out her mandate at a Montreal café.

Two days later, after consulting with a clan elder, he declined the invitation.

“They expressed their disappointment in me not meeting them, and then they turned to being a little threatening,” he said. “They said, ‘We've read your writings.

How do we know you're not a threat to Canada?'”

The agent then changed tactics, praising him as a level-headed person, someone to whom CSIS felt it could turn for advice, he said.

“After she tried to smooth me over she did say she was interested in talking about Ontario. ‘Concerning the protests and blockades by certain people,' she said, ‘we don't need to mention any names. You know who we're talking about.'”

“I think she was referring to Shawn Brant,” Mr. Deer said. Mr. Deer has never met Mr. Brant, a Mohawk activist from Tyendinaga who led protests that blocked major roads and rail lines in Ontario last year. She also said she wanted to talk about the contraband tobacco trade, and guaranteed that he would leave the meeting with a smile on his face.

“I suppose that meant I would be rewarded for whatever information I gave them. Some kind of payoff,” he said.

The experience was unsettling, and Mr. Deer contacted the Kahnawá:ke newspaper, The Eastern Door, to report that CSIS was poking around the community.

Mr. Deer's story is not unique.

In the spring of 2007, when tensions between natives and Ottawa were rising before the national aboriginal day of action, two other young men were contacted by CSIS, and both met with agents.

John Dee Delormier, at 26 the youngest council chief ever elected in Kahnawá:ke, was initially reluctant to talk to CSIS. But after consulting his fellow chiefs, who wanted to know what CSIS was up to, he agreed to meet an agent at a Tim Hortons in suburban Montreal.

She wanted to talk about factions in the Mohawk community, including the three longhouses that act as a kind of parallel form of government to the band council on the reserve, and about the cleavage between supporters and opponents of the band-council system. She also asked about the sectarian differences of Catholics, Protestants and those who follow native spirituality.

CSIS said they wanted to know about contraband tobacco, a subject of long-standing interest to the RCMP, and Internet gambling. Mr. Delormier estimates that two-thirds of the world's Internet gambling sites are hosted by Web servers located in Kahnawá:ke, a practice Ottawa considers illegal but has been reluctant to tackle. He refused to discuss those subjects, he said.

She also asked him whether he thought a violent native uprising was possible.

“I said I don't understand that question. I don't know why you would ask that,” he said. “At that point she knew she wasn't going to get much from me and that was it. It's a little scary.

Why would the intelligence agency of Canada be so interested in my community? What are they planning?”

In the same period, Katsenhakeron, a former Native Youth Movement organizer who asked to be identified by his Mohawk name, was working at the native friendship centre in Montreal when two women walked in, asked for him, and flashed CSIS identity cards. They wanted a confidential meeting, they said, and he met them later at a St. Hubert restaurant.

“They were both very attractive. I was like, man, you guys are good spies. Playing right into my libido.”

They spent most of the meeting asking about threats to Canada, he said.

When they brought out a photograph, taken from the Internet, and asked him to identify a Mohawk man standing in front of more than a dozen automatic weapons and rifles, he refused to say any more.

With a report from Colin Freeze

As George Manual said, “I would rather leave my children with the legitimacy of the struggle than to leave them with a settlement they cannot live with”.

jayson on 2008.12.01

Canada desperately spying on Mohawks‏
Body: CANADA SECRET SERVICE SPYING ON ONGWEHONWE - DESPERATE FOR SOMETHING TO DO? Or is the colonial hierarchy cracking up?MNN. Nov. 30, 2008. As we are seeing more and more clearly everyday, Canada has always been a totalitarian for-profit enterprise even though it tries to masquerade as a democracy. Canada is a Euro colonial settler state that governs by passing race laws. Every now and then declarations of legal rights are made to make things look kosher. But when push comes to shove, these are ignored. Things are done at the point of a gun by open terror and genocide. What information could the Canadian Secret Intelligence Service [CSIS] possibly be looking for in Mohawk communities? How many dogs we have running loose? How many rusted cars and old fridges are standing in our yards? We notice they don’t want to report on how bad our water is, or how corrupt the band council is or about the lack of funds for our education, medical care and housing. So what’s happening? Whatever anyone says, CSIS covertly sneaking into our communities can’t be for “national security”. We’ve never been a military threat to Canada. CSIS is coming in as an agent of confusion to “terrorize” us! What have we got that would scare anyone? Except, of course, for THE TRUTH!!! The land every Canadian stands on and all the resources in it belong to us. That’s why they’re trying to brainwash us and the Canadian people. Everyday we are seeing more cracks in the broken “democracy” called “Canada”. We Mohawks are targeted because we ask too many questions. We are always challenging their actions and asking them to prove the legality of what they’re doing. They want a “white” nation. The colonists associate “Indians” with a certain degeneracy of intellect, morals, self-restraint and political values. That was their excuse for stealing our resources. Canada sets us up as targets because they want to divert attention away from their economic and social problems. They need someone to blame. They want the public to believe we are dangerous. Never mind that their government rakes in millions from cigarette taxes. They spin it as the murky world of “contraband”. They make it sound like it’s a crime for us to support our families by legally selling tobacco. Their border is the “apartheid wall”. Their border guards routinely harass us and even try to kill us when we try to travel on our territory. Canadian agencies refuse to investigate these criminal acts. All their police, the OPP, RCMP, Canadian Border Services Agency and the colonial Akwesasne Mohawk Police, claim it’s not their jurisdiction. We are denied due process when they assault us. Two Mohawk women have been declared as “non-residents” of Canada in order to make them pay for the Crown’s defence in the law suit they filed against Canada for not investigating border brutality! [M. Mireille Tabib, Oct. 23, 2008, Kahentinetha & Katenies v. The Queen T-1309-08]. If Kahnawake and Akwesasne are not part of Canada, then why haven’t they removed the illegal border control at Akwesasne? On the one hand, they say Akwesasne is in Canada so they can put their border there. On the other hand, they’re saying it’s not so they can force us to pay thousands of dollars to make border guards accountable for the assaults and crimes against us. Canada has plans to build a great big international high tech border installation at Akwesasne. We don’t want it. When three non-native people recently died in a botched border operation at the very same spot in Akwesasne, all those self same police services were stumbling all over each other to investigate. What’s the deal? The safety of ”white” people is precious? Ongwehonwe safety doesn’t matter? Presently Cree elder, David Ahenakew, is on trial for the third time because of some ill-considered private comments he made about the Jewish genocide in World War II. Remember, he didn’t kill any Jews. When he served in the military, he took part in the operations that freed people and helped stop abuse. The genocide against our own people is generally ignored. Why the double standard? Why is he being prosecuted with so much vengeance when Canadian border guards can attempt murder with impunity? These incidents just nibble at the internal conflicts raging within the colonial government apparatus. The Maher Arar and Omar Khadr cases, the extensive secret military exercises in November 2008 near so many Ongwehonwe communities, and so many other disturbing developments suggest that we are being prepared for totalitarianism or martial law. All it will take now is a pretext to bring it in. Another 9/11!When the hierarchical colonial system is threatened, it resorts to “fratricide” to clean out its ranks. The higher ups become paranoid. They start getting rid of their underlings who they fear want to replace them or expose them. We certainly are not in these kinds of positions nor do we want to be. We’d rather stand back and watch the poisoning and beheadings going on in the palace, so to speak. Canada is still trying to look calm while it screams hysterically from within. They don’t want people to smell the blood beforehand. To divert attention they’re looking for those with opinions different from theirs to start imprisoning and shutting them up. The state is using slander and historical distortion to defame us and get the media to suppress discussion of the real issues. The current attempt to purge the Mohawks is based on false claims that we are likely to sabotage Canada. Nothing could be further from the truth. We’ve always stayed in our own boat according to the Two Row Wampum Accord. We have never committed any violence against Canada. In fact, we have defended Canada several times, going back to the War of 1812 right up to World War II. Of course, if our historic ally chooses to attack us, we will always defend ourselves. The violent and unfounded fantasies about us serve someone’s purpose. People get a chance to use lethal weapons when Canadian agencies send in cops and spies instead of talking with us on a straightforward and honest nation-to-nation basis. CSIS is Canada’s secret police look for demons and devils they can finger for purging. We’ve been told actions of this kind must have ministerial approval. Who is the prime sinister?Canada is ruining its international image because of the abuse and needless suffering that it causes to all Ongwehonwe. Up to now they’ve kept a lot of their skeletons in the closet to make it easier for CSIS to set us up. CSIS defames us by playing on the active imagination of a gullible public. CSIS has been sent in to corrupt our “leadership”. They should know by now that we have none. Who is active in our Men’s Society? Who is the intelligentsia? [As if we aren’t all intelligent] They are trying to make us mistrust each other. They want to turn us into “fifth column” communities. They think they can get away with it because we are a minority. They figure no one will help us when we’re attacked. The young and the vulnerable are targeted. When they’re snatched, the cops force them to “confess” to anything regardless of the truth. Some of their lines are: “Either you comply with us or we’ll charge you”. “How well do you know your community?” “Who are you related to?” “Someone told me this, is it true?” “Do what I say or I”ll break your arm”. Their old favorite, “Who are your leaders?” CSIS wants to have us charged with “counter revolutionary crimes” based on their racist colonial laws or those they intend to create!! Yes, we don’t like the colonial Canadian system as it has been shown to us. We know that Canada thinks that our land, cultures, bodies and minds must be sacrificed for the colonists to remain dominant and for their system to continue to function. Canadian occupation of our land and the usurpation of our resources are illegal under international law. One of their frequent tricks is to get someone to invite us somewhere and then set up a “disappearance”. Rumor has it that now that we’ve been declared “insurgents” a secret military tribunal has been set up to try us. Bye bye habeas corpus! Is Canada getting dangerously edgy about having their “turf” stepped on by the real owners, us? Well, CSIS, you’ve been hung out on the clothesline to dry and your brown-laced underwear is flapping in the wind.
What are you trying to prepare us for? The “final solution”? Genocide?

jayson on 2009.01.15

NYM Workshop in LA - Indigneous Resistance & Decolonization
Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

In the Spirit of Resistance we would like to invite you to a workshop that will be held in Los Angeles on Saturday the 17th by the Native Youth Movement (NYM) delegation of the northwest region of what is known as Canada. The workshop outline is attached and we hope that you can attend. NYM has been traveling through out Mexico and Guatemala making presentaions as well as allianceses with all the different native organizations. This trip has been funded solely by the people and therefore we are asking for a donation for attending the workshop. We know that it is a hard economical time for us all so we are working with a sliding scale between $10-$20 or more if possible to help the northern delegation continue on there mission. Please email us back to let us know if you are intrested in attending. NYM looks forward to meeting and building with more organizations in Los Angeles so we hope to see you there. Please let us know if you areintrested in attending and we will forward you the location and time.

The time for Decolonization is now
To All Our Relations

and Indigenous Resistance


Since 1492, Indigenous peoples of the Americas have been viciously subjected to the European colonial agenda of conquest. Indigenous nation after Indigenous nation have fought back in one form or another to hold back the horrors of colonial genocide.

What has happened to that resistance? Were the Indigenous peoples completely conquered? Has resistance become nothing more than a historical afterthought? Is there still an Indigenous resistance hidden in the shadows, secretly fighting a 500 year-old colonial war?

Come and hear a presentation on modern Indigenous resistance presented by members of an Indigenous Warrior Society from the colonial territories known as Canada.


Sakej Ward is from the Mi’kmaq Nation located on the northeast coast of Canada. His community is Esgenoopetitj (Burnt Church First Nation, New Brunswick). He is of the Wolf Clan and a Metanagkewinu (Mi’maw warrior). Sakej served in both the Canadian and American militaries. Having left military service, he reconnected with his people and traditional ways of life. He now instructs Indigenous Warrior Societies throughout Canada and the US. Sakej also has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a specialization in International Relations and a Master’s degree in Indigenous Governance.

Kiko Montilla is from the Taino Nation of Borique (occupied US territory of Puerto Rico) who currently lives in the Indigenous Territories of the Northwest. He is a member of NYM – Native Youth Movement – a Movement that is presently defending unceded Indigenous territories. NYM is fighting to protect Indigenous ways of life, i.e. hunting, fishing, and gathering of herbs and fruits that self-sustains the natives in those communities. Additionally, NYM defends the rights of native peoples to practice their traditional ceremonies that have existed for thousands of years. At this point in time, NYM is conducting an all-out boycott and sensitization campaign against the 2010 Winter Olympics in British Columbia, Canada, because of the detrimental effects to the environment of the land, as well as the direct threat of destroying the natives’ ways of self-subsistence and traditional way of life.

jayson on 2009.04.22

Squamish Elder Assaulted by Vancouver Pig
An elder from the Squamish First Nation has filed a complaint against a West Vancouver police officer, saying he assaulted her husband.

Barbara Wyss, 65, told CBC News that police came to their house on the North Shore of Vancouver early one morning last week looking for their son, who wasn't there.

The officer wanted to come in and check anyway, but her 75-year-old husband, Bruce, told him he couldn't enter without a warrant. She alleges the officer then got aggressive with her husband.

"When he went to close the door, the policeman stuck his foot in the door so he couldn't close it, and Bruce said, 'Get out of here,' " Wyss said.

"At that point the officer pushed the door open, grabbed Bruce by the throat and threw him about eight feet across the room."

Wyss said her husband called her downstairs, and when she arrived, the officer began yelling that her husband, who has a physical disability, had attacked him. Her husband landed so hard he was cut and ended up needing stitches on his arm, she added.

Police investigation underway

Wyss said she demanded the officer tell her his name four times before he finally gave her a last name. She said she slapped the officer across the face, at which point he raised his fist as if to strike her, but then dropped his arm, she alleges.

After the officer left she called 911. Wyss said she was surprised when the operator told her "your husband is just fine" and refused to send an ambulance.

When she protested, the operator said the officer on the scene had already reported that her husband was fine.

Wyss has since filed a formal complaint with the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner and wants to know why a Squamish First Nation peacekeeper did not accompany the officer.

A spokesperson for West Vancouver police said he would not comment on the specifics of the case, but that the force is taking the allegations very seriously.

Cpl. Fred Harding said the force has been working hard in partnership with the Squamish Nation and local First Nation peacekeepers to improve relationships with police.

kei111 on 2014.04.25

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