• Canadian Army recruiting

    I was reading recently on a job site that the Canadian Army is recruiting more of our Canadian brothers and sisters to go and die in Afganistan for the US gov. More then half the job postings are from the Canadian army recruitment centre. All of us Candians should retaliate by not applying to these postings, for starter we never agreed to join this war that the US gov is so inclined to fight. Terorism is from the US gov, it started a long time ago when Bush's father was in power. Lets unite and not join the Army shall we?!?!

    2007.07.18 - 03:48 AM
  • The North another place in need of change for homelessness

    Here in La Ronge Saskatchewan it is very difficult to shelter homeless especially in the winter, also there is a great need for more organizations to address the issues of food for homeless. Every winter many of our homeless people die on the streets at -35 -40 and no one seams to care. The soupe kitchen is hosted by the local church which I believe are doing the best that they can since the community don't really care the are open only 3 days a week and food is scares...

    2007.07.18 - 03:36 AM

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rose on 2008.04.07

Here is something I thought you might be able to help the missing and
murder women walk.

From "Rose H" :

We need to raise not only the awareness of the plight of our women
- living in poverty, homeless, gone missing - we also need to raise
some money to cover the cost of the 4000 km journey
from Victoria to Ottawa.

I am writing and asking the community members to walk 1km for a
sister/ mother/ grandmother/ Auntie and/or to pledge a total of
$00.10 for every km I walk.

What we are needing is the support

-of everyone in this country,
-car maintenance (ie.gas oil/ water)
-first aid kits
-good walking shoes( for all the people who will be walking all the
-cell costs
-camera equipment

There is a planning meeting scheduled for this Saturday April 12 at
3pm @ Cafe Fantasico on Kings Rd (near Quadra St)

Maybe someone in Victoria can help me raise a mother's day fundraising
event. Possible a walk run/ jog around or city. Any ideas or cash
would help the cause alot.

The walk will be from Victoria's mile zero, Vancouver, BC to Ottawa,
Ontario starting June 21(Victoria) June 25, 2008 to September when the
parliament opens for their fall sessions. (usually within 2 weeks of
labour day)

Begin forwarded message:

Date: April 6, 2008 8:34:07 PM MDT (CA)
Subject: Native Women to Walk Across Canada this Summer

Native Women to Walk Across Canada this Summer

Good day all my relations,

My name is Gladys Radek. I am an advocate for the missing and murdered
women, all across Canada and also a Human Rights activist. I am
writing to invite you to a walk4justice in the works to address the
Prime Minister, Steven Harper and Indian Affairs minister Chuck Strahl
about our missing and murdered Aboriginal women, children and men. We
want to demand justice and closure for our people who have lost their
loved ones over the past, at least 4 decades.

As you know, every single First Nations community is affected by this
on going genocide by murder. Serial killers are targeting our women
right across the country! The police, judicial system and all levels
of government are failing to protect us as citizens of Canada. We need
to gather in unity to speak out for those who can not do so. We need
to gather true numbers of exactly how many are missing, murdered,
raped, beaten and overall violated by this system.

At this time Amnesty International is saying over 500 Aboriginal women
are missing and murdered. The majority of them are still unsolved due
to the seriously flawed judicial system, police forces and social
acceptance of yet another 'dead indian'. We already know that the
police forces were formed to control the 'indian problem', upon the
arrival of the Europeans. Here it is 2008 and they are still trying to
'rid society of the indians'. Mainstream society accepts this by
ignoring our pleas for justice and closure. Many are not aware of what
their government is doing and it is time for us to make them aware of
what is going on.

An average Aboriginal woman has 5 children. Using Amnesty
International figures, this means that we lose at least 2500 children
for our future generation. At this time we are only 3% of Canada's
population. If we get the true numbers from the family members of
these communities, it will point to an alarming rate for our
population who are disappearing without any accountability for their

We also want to address the children of these beautiful spirits who
were taken. Do we want them to hold Canada's legacy of 'system
racism'? No! We want them to be raised in a compassionate society. We
want them to know that they are a part of this society and that they
are our future leaders.

When a child loses one parent they lose half of their income
throughout their lives, thus putting them at a risk of living in an
already impoverished community. Many of these children were from
single parent homes and many end up in the hands of government care
after they lose there mothers or fathers. These children will grow up
without justice, closure or accountability. They will grow up angry
and wonder why nobody cared to look for their mothers or fathers. We
want them to know that we, as a society, will seek this justice,
closure and accountability for them. We want them to lead healthy
lifestyles so that they can become our future leaders without the
legacy of 'systemic racism' we are facing today.

We want to honor the women, men and children and the families of the
ones who have disappeared over the last, at least, four decades. We
want to speak out for them and the children who were left behind to
fend for themselves.

Our demands will be very simple. We want justice, closure, equality
and accountability!

Last, but not least, we want to raise funds for the children for their
education. We want to guarantee the facilities for their future
endeavors such as college, university, counseling, cultural awareness,
treatment centers, health facilities and programs that are readily
available for them to lead positive lifestyles.

If you are interested in supporting this walk for justice, could you
please email to We need family members of the
victims, men, women, children, singers, drummers, walkers, volunteers,
fundraisers, cooks, vehicles, drivers and much much more!

What is really need here is Unity of the First Nations people who are
affected by this.

My heart and prayers go out to all families who are missing their
loved ones. Prayers for justice, closure, equality and accountability!

All my Relations,
Gladys Radek
An Advocate for the Highway of Tears

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