• last meeting with Projections

    Hay I got the chance to sit and learn more about Projections which is a media link network with having the basic to do filming and editing. Also showed someone how to get an account on here.

    2007.08.15 - 05:19 AM
  • Just something I view

    This is the funny thing about me know what the hell a blog is but i am going give it a try.

    I believe in that everyone has a reason to be here, now i am not a religious person but i am someone who is very spirtitual especially because I am connected with the Native's or Aborginials People.

    see the funny thing is I can see people's ora's and believe alot in karma, and use my gut alot when around people. I must be lucky cuz I really having had anything bad happen to me but I also dont ever want to have anything like that to happen.

    2007.06.20 - 07:14 PM

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