• mortorin tattoos

    well it's been hella long since i posted anything. sooo much has changed
    no longer in the east now in the west, travellin with my tattoo equip and seein the wurld

    2010.08.05 - 10:57 AM
  • you can beat the drug but can you beat the stigma?

    so here i am once again with the banshees of memories screaming around my head and i figured 'where better than to release them than here'

    2008.11.05 - 09:49 PM
  • memoirs of a drifter

    1993;vancouver. seemed like the golden age of my life there were so many fresh faces so much excitment just to be out of the brutal hands of the stepdad. i thought after him i was never going to be hurt... what a rude awakining i was in for. within a year i was heavily addicted to ..wel whatever i could get my hands on but within six months heroin was the winner of my inner battle.

    2007.11.14 - 07:46 PM

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Chris Aung-Thwin on 2008.10.23

Anymore memoirs?

drewgan on 2008.11.14

still in the process of getting up off the streets...again. seems like my addiction isn't with drugs anymore but with homelessness lol as soon as getting up for work on time is my biggest problem i'll be able to delve the memories again and continue with the memoirs. cheers and keep them feet off the brakelines people

shinobi on 2008.11.27

Holy shit it's drew ! Are you coming to montreal anytime soon?

drewgan on 2008.11.28

nah, i'm all settled down now tired of sqeegeeing. i always had a hell of a time in mtl not be able to speak french at all. but if for some strange reason i do i'll drop a line to ya and share some whiskey ;)

WASTE on 2008.12.12


WASTE on 2008.12.16

Im not crazy, just a little bit different. Thats all...I swear!!

WASTE on 2009.01.17

Hey there sexy lady....hehe. I had a pretty good holiday man, I went out and got myself a guitar and an amp and shit, so Im super thralled about that! Celebrated New Years a little longer than I had hoped, but all is good. And you?

Pianoman on 2009.01.23

Hello !

8-) best wich for hope faith and courage !

Synth on 2009.01.27

Hey Darlin'
Thanks so much for the add.
Sorry it took me so long to accept and add back.
Ill be on a lot more.
Keep in touch

WASTE on 2009.02.21

I can do you a favour! Whats up?

Synth on 2009.05.15

where are you?

Synth on 2009.05.21

hey got a phone now.
number= 416-654-9314
cheque day is on wednesday bitchhh :p

Synth on 2009.06.05

wheres your profile gone :o

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