• On Hiatus


    Likes of where I am are unknown to many and even to myself. I have been comsuming far less alcohol as of late, sorry to dissapoint those die hard alkies I know no one likes a quitter but...Im back on my seemingly neverending roach hunt, which only seems to pause for brief drinking binges..well maybe not so brief. ANYWays see you all soon. I must get back to my vacation away from my vacation.

    2006.09.05 - 02:51 PM
  • Finally made it East..

    Well a lot has changed since my last message. I have since made it to Halifax. Went to Toronto. Rasied some hell in Montreal and Moncton along the way...but what else is new there. Was going to go west plans changed ended up here. Everyone is really nicce round these parts it is kinda cool save for the 20 rapper dudes that are attacking us while we sleep with rebar and garbage cans. I plan to go to Newfoundland for my birthday but like always plans change. I hope everyone I know is having a good summer so far. Hope to see some of yous out east. Anyways uuh thats about all.

    2006.07.13 - 01:44 PM
  • Still in Ottawa...

    I have since escaped a few times from Ottawa. Briefly to Montreal for a week and to Toronto for a week as well. Heading back to Toronto very soon (*fingers crossed*) After that vacation away from my vacation I should be going to montreal. I have a place now...very weird///Oh well I want to head out east this summer so I will hopefully see all you guys out east this year. Anyways I must go and tend to matters in this part of the globe. Happy travels everyone hope I see everyone soon.

    2006.03.01 - 11:13 AM

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raven on 2009.11.16

hay its me raven we me3et long time a go i dont think you would know but in friends with tojo it good that your stil a round

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