• what is tru friendship?

    hav u ever wondered if yur friends are real or just playing u? i figured out how to know. if you see that your friend is acting odd and ditching yu quite often, ask them who there tru friends are. if they say " of course you are!" its a little unbilievible but if they say something like " wat are u saying, u are one!" it may mean that they are still ur bud but may need a breether from u. so :) dont :( luv yall Evilchikki

    2007.01.06 - 12:54 AM
  • about me

    yo, i'm yoko :) i'm in japan but i'm no well anyway, i'm 14, and i'm 5"2, 120lbs, and i love misu soup!lol! i'm a big music fanatic, i lov all sorts of music, and i'm movin to california in 2 weeks. lov yall!

    2007.01.06 - 12:44 AM

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