• Farewell

    The video I posted today may be the last one you'll be seeing from me for a while. I've accepted a contract position as a Follow-up Housing Support Worker with an agency in the downtown east side of Toronto.

    2008.03.07 - 03:39 PM
  • Thursday: Emergency: Hostel Beds are Full

    [ocap] Thursday: Emergency: Hostel Beds are Full

    Emergency – Hostel Beds are Full

    Committee Room 1
    City Hall
    Thursday, February 21, 2008

    In the past 2 years 300 beds have been removed from Toronto’s hostel system

    Four people from OCAP and TDRC investigated the hostel system Monday
    February 18, 2008. They visited hostels and made phone calls throughout
    the evening to assess Toronto’s hostel bed capacity. They also
    interviewed people in the streets about their situation. By 10:50pm there
    were no hostel beds for men or couples in the whole hostel system,

    2008.02.19 - 06:24 PM
  • Military preparing to commit `thousands' to secure 2010 Games

    Military preparing to commit `thousands' to secure 2010 Games

    Derrick Penner
    Vancouver Sun
    Wednesday, January 30, 2008

    VANCOUVER - The military is preparing to commit "thousands" of troops to
    ensure security at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, the Forces' Pacific coast
    commanding officer said today.

    Rear Admiral Tyrone Pile told a Delta Chamber of Commerce audience that he
    already has 25 people at his "joint task force games" headquarters in
    Esquimalt, a number that will quadruple by this summer.

    In addition, members of the military are also participating in the Games'

    2008.02.19 - 05:48 PM


  • Crimanilizing the Poor

    KoLiN and Derek attend an emergency meeting at city hall and interview people at SKETCH about being ticketed by the police. Filmed by KoLiN and Derek, edited by KoLiN.

    2008.03.07 - 03:23 PM
  • Entry Denied

    Surprise, surprise! Entry denied. Seems the Finance Minister can't even afford voice mail. Peggy Nash offers to lend a hand though...

    2008.02.14 - 02:35 PM
  • housing not war - Homes Not Bombs

    Cathy Crowe and James Clarke attempt to bring the petition and Housing Not War declaration up to Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's office.

    2008.02.14 - 02:27 PM

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