• Why should I continue my hunger!!!

    "Holy crap Im Hungry" as I stroll through some massive city on foot, dreamin of the otherside. Compactors, dragons, Everywhere!!! no food in site and still its not a justification for buying any, I know how much they throw away! "mmmm tim hortans never fails me" Ill sell my soul for a bite of sugar ha! and as I rumage through black plastic and fritters coffee grounds and timbits. That wrecthed old hag and her pinstriped unifor comes out and--just as the cops rolling into the drive through. "you cant be in there" as she hides scared as a rabbit behind the pigs."Why should I continue my hunger?" "you'll have to leave, we dont want you digging in there" "and what choice do I have!!! when you hiding behind the cops?!" For a paycheck, a use less ridding of a hungry traveller! My anger shoved deep in my bones and boiling to rage I walk on.... Lucky theres another one just down the street. Timmi's 1 Lurch 0

    2006.12.22 - 11:38 AM
  • 'Dig This'

    Its True!!! just look and dont be afraid, of a goopy mess, a stench unbearable, a lowly way to live! Think not of these things for thats what 'they'll tell you' thats what everyones programed to know, but alas none is true. These are places of ultimate manifestation and tresure to banish your grocery bill make you ashamed of using that foul smelling thing they call money, Its True!!! just beleive, just try. The most glorious chest's of abundance and tressure. We dont call them dumpsters anymore, but 'MAGIC FOOD BOXES!!!'

    This society is messed up for its waste beyond words, this endless throwing away of "garbage" witch actually computes to mean "FOOD!" thousands upon thousands of pounds of glorious produce and packaged goodies with no more than a bruise or two, or perhaps that magic number thats now smaller than the current date, that somehow makes everything suddently inedible!!

    2006.12.03 - 11:47 PM

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