• no avail!!!

    I have to admit,not being able to access my private messages for the past a real test of patience!!!thank you for that could you please take a moment of your time to reply to my m

    2008.08.21 - 05:59 PM

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SPITS on 2008.07.30

how do i access my mail i can get to my inbox messages but not other..please help!it's the squirrel mail dealio...thnx spits--

SPITS on 2008.08.20

freakin e- mail NO AVAIL!!! YIKES!!reach me at blessings spits!!!

Chris Aung-Thwin on 2008.08.22

i've replied to your blog and sent you a private message about your e-mail problems. let me know if it helps.

SPITS on 2008.09.10

ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!treat dealio!!!!!!!!!!1

SPITS on 2009.09.16

hey eveyone!!!just wanted to say hello and say that i hope and pray that you are all good on your journey..i'm still doing right and blessed soooo much..God is great,love u all-spits (shane k.)

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