2007.12.12 - 6:49 PM

A Summit Meeting for the Victoria Mayor's Task Force on Homelessness was cancelled the day before it was scheduled. This meeting had been planned and announced since September 2007 during a passionate speech in front of Council and the public when Mayor Alan Lowe promised to begin housing the homeless in no less than 120 days. Nearly $0.5 million has been spent on surveys and studies but the Mayor now claims there is not enough information available to warrant a public announcement set for Wednesday December 12, 2007. City Hall will not be making any announcement regarding the homeless until next year.

Mayor Alan Lowe
City of Victoria
#1 Centennial Square
Victoria, British Columbia
V8W 1P6
Phone: (250) 361-0200
Fax: (250) 361-0348


eimeeshanei on 2014.02.18

It has been cancelled? I am sure that the people will definitely be disappointed with this one. - Review Solution

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