Charges in 'panhandler' stabbing may be upgraded to murder

2007.08.13 - 2:34 PM

Charges in 'panhandler' stabbing may be upgraded

Police are expected to lay murder charges today after a St. Catharines, Ont. stabbing victim died of his wounds over the weekend.

Police said 32-year-old Ross Hammond, who was stabbed downtown after an early Thursday morning argument escalated into violence, died early Saturday morning.

The victim, who commuted into the city from St. Catharines, was stabbed near Queen Street West and Gore Vale Avenue shortly after 12:30 a.m.

Hammond was walking with a friend when he was approached by panhandlers asking for money, Det. Sgt. Gary Giroux said during a press conference.

Giroux said the two men refused to give the suspects money, and a verbal dispute ensued.

The argument escalated and the victim was stabbed several times in the chest and back. His friend was also assaulted, Giroux said.

Hammond was taken to St. Michael's hospital in serious condition, where he underwent a number of emergency surgeries. His condition deteriorated until he died Saturday.

Four panhandlers, all in their early 20s, currently face charges of aggravated assault and weapons offences.

The following suspects are in custody in connection with the incident:

* Douglas Fresh, 22;
* Nicole Kish, 21;
* Sarah McDermit, 22; and
* Jeremy Woolley, 21

The suspects are due in court this week. Woolley is also wanted on an outstanding warrant in the U.S., Giroux said.

While investigating the scene, police retrieved evidence from a taxi cab that was splattered with blood after the altercation. Hammond may have tried to flee by jumping into the taxi.

"He tried to get into the cab and the cab was still moving," one witness told CTV News.


Poignanttruth on 2007.08.13

You can be sure the neo-feudalists are secretly laughing at this stuff, going "Heeheehee now we can use media manipulated repulsion at that particular crime to easily pass new safe streets laws making even panhandling itself an indictable offence", well I SAW the process unfolding on CBC news TODAY, one T.O. city councellor pitted against the other!! Don't mean to be grim as hell folks but if things continue down the current path than likely it's going to eventually be forced labor camps or army drafts for poor homeless unemployeds, the most maddening part being simply that the shits at the top never got it through their thick skulls that 1) Guaranteed Livable Incomes would have actually helped poorer folks NOT "spoilt" them 2) Accessable skills training NOT in concurrence with "globalization" gobbledeegook CRAP would have HELPED Canada in the long run 3) A combination of affordable housing and affordable schooling would have better yielded a closer approximation of the "dream" of Utopian Canada, that dream now irrepairably left decaying in stark contrast to the CRAP currently taking place!!! YOU READING THIS, PROVINCIAL OR FEDERAL MINISTER OF THIS OR THAT?? THEN TAKE SERIOUS HEED, THESE WORDS ARE COMING FROM BEYOND JUST ONE HAPLESS MESSENGER, THEY ARE COMING FROM THE WELLSPRING OF TRUTH ITSELF.

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