Brenda Carr Street Art Works

2007.08.05 - 11:43 PM

Brenda Carr Street Art Works
Street Art Works provides a continuum of artistic disciplines for youth who want to express their individual creativity
Located at 150 West Hastings
Filmed and edited by Colin

Brenda Carr Street Art Works
Located at 150 West Hastings

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WASTE on 2007.08.07

That sounds like a pretty cool place. Good video.

alexandra on 2007.08.07

hey colin, really interesting. so any street youth can apply to create art there using the materials the place has on-hand? have i got that right? are there age limits? any restrictions? any cost? i'm curious. thanks for this...

Janelle on 2007.08.07

brenda has been an amazing presence in the lives of many street youth over the years, and she has been doing this for many years. running programs at a variety of locations, many of you may remember her back in the days when she was next to YAC.

we hope to be doing more with brenda in the future, check out her new space, it is quite spectacular. different space, different name, same brenda.

brenda you rock, hands down a woman on my hero list.

ziggyforever on 2007.08.19

a home away from home for many of us a place to let it all go

stevenmartin on 2007.09.15

brenda is one of the best people i've ever met.

tags on 2008.07.28

hi brenda i used to go to your place im looking for information about an old friend who i know is dead however i think you might remember her her name is terisa she always wore an unstudded unpainted leather jacket she always hung around a girl named debbie who wore an almost identical leather
some others she hung around with were ryan and little biff(aron)
i found out years ago that she died but id like to know if anyone else remembers her and if maybe you have a picture of her (she died between 1993-1996 im not shure the exact date) one other thing i know about her is she had a kid at age 14 wich was adopted

idont know if you remember me but you helped me when i first hit the streets thanx

Dr.Smooth on 2009.03.14

Hey Brenda, long time no see, I tried to find you on facebook, don't know if I got the right brenda, lol. they don't give much info to go on except friends lists. Anyway, I'm livin in kits, my number is 604 569 7014. I'll have to stop by sometime and check out the new studio. You can find me on facebook or myspace with the following e-mail: (remember helping me make that one 7 yrs ago, now i have like 50, lol) Well, talk to you soon brenda, love clint

beer123 on 2013.11.19

This is a good idea this will give the youth the opportunity to express their individual creativity.

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Alexbroker on 2014.05.16

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judith on 2014.05.16

I was able to watch her work and I found it so amazing, so beautiful. Love it! - Ellerslie Mission Society

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