J Hock at the Carl Rooms

2007.07.23 - 9:28 PM

Filmed by Janelle and edited by Colin

Filmed outside the Carl Rooms.

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alexandra on 2007.07.24

hey guys, good video. curious when it was taken? i read that BC declared the carl rooms olympics evictions illegal and that it would stay open and affordable...

colinford on 2007.07.25

Indeed. This footage was shot during the Carl Rooms protest, prior to the BC government finally getting involved. We felt it important to post J Hock's viewpoint during this rally, because it really transcends the moment and is more of a commentary on the current frustration of East side residents.

WASTE on 2008.06.12

Make more vids Mr.Dude.;)

Ngai on 2008.07.27

Please make more videos if you can. I am out here in the East, just seeing how much of an impact the Olympics is having on you all out there. Stay strong, and keep getting your message out.


Kathryn Delaney on 2008.08.25

Hey JH, nice video and thanks for your comments on my blog. I like that you write about your experiences in a critical and poetic manner.


gilles elie on 2009.12.16

Make more vids.

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