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2007.03.17 - 12:44 PM

I think as a society, we've been bullied into responding and reacting rather than asserting our rights so we don't demand what we require to lead fullfilling lives.

Governments have imposed their will on us and have created dependency, yet we can't depend on them to represent us. It's ludicrous. Our democracy has become little more than a sham.

I don't see how we can accomplish anything on our own behalf, or on behalf of our families, or how we can begin to build our own communities without the resources we require, one of which is money, which was never meant to be more than a medium of exchange- like it's supposed to be put to good use, not used as a weapon to condemn masses of people to a lifetime of poverty, misery and failure.

And it goes without saying that we're also poor because we don't have access to any land, to the very earth we all require to sustain our lives,

Obviously, the wealth has to be redistributed and a guaranteed livable income would to it, at least until a better solution can be found.

I see a GLI as more than an abstract ideological concept, its' not new and it's been gaining unpresidented momentum all over the world. Our rip-torn social safety net is failing us miserably and its got to be replaced with a viable alternative, the sooner the better. A GIL would take care of a shit-load of problems right off the bat. It's nuts not to implement it because it's in the best interests of governments as well as the people. It's a humble request in my not so humble opinion and I'm going for it.

GLI website is: and there are debates on


Poignanttruth on 2007.03.17

You do some really good writing, that site is interesting, a GLI would be great contrary to bad uber-capitalist propaganda. How many times having that to fall back on would have helped and actually inspired greater achievement!!

Hatrackman on 2007.03.17


I'm sure democracy has always been a mafia scam.

'livable income' would still allow for fascist rule-- there will never be freedom as long as people pay taxes- the crown does not own the land-- ya gotta stand up and join the war; asserting conscientiousness... it's easy- all you gotta do is rather be dead than pay taxes (meditation on patience is required).


Anonymous on 2007.03.18

And how, do you suggest, without taxes, do the sewers happen, the clean tap water running, the garbage get picked up, the poor and the infirm feed themselves [pittance such as it is] and the city lights shining in your picture, get turned on?

Would you rather private corporations do it? What do you think it would cost for them to maintain the cities we are all living in?

Hatrackman on 2007.03.19

hospitals and roads and schools (for example) will exist long after the economy collapses... if having these things means we have to allow for fascism and no freedom then we don't need those things.

The gov't killed most of the power spirits in the native population then told the rest that they had to start using money if they wanted to be 'left alone'. Time for the natives to stand again, methinks. The only reason 'native pride' exists is because the band councils were a creation made from dark sorcery and through them the natives were influenced psychologically. pride suggests that there is no Creator- it suggests that people are the makers of their action, which they are not... go back to Creator and the wisdom comes to topple the monster- humility and patience are universal traits- may we all go back to Creator- love truth most and then we can save community from the insanity that destroys (pride).


in this preordained play called war,


skeletonwoman on 2007.03.21

Thank you for the writing compliment, & I'm glad you found the GLI site interesting.

skeletonwoman on 2007.04.02

I'm the one who decides what I GOTTA DO, you've no say whatsoever in the matter!

Hatrackman on 2007.04.03

How about- dear capitalists, please stop brutalizing and murdering and raping my friends and the world. please don't condemn our children to hell using the excuse of fear of death; may we cease selling our souls so that they may live a bit longer as a retarded slave...

the crown is a monster and, in our naivity, we have been in a compliant delusion for ages... we come out of it now and face all the consequences.

peace- it is about freedom

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