2007.02.09 - 12:50 AM

Rose Henry, homeless and a social activist, speaks about her experience as a volunteer and participant in the second homeless count conducted in the past three years in the provincial capital of Victoria, BC by the Cool-aid society. A not-for-profit organization is doing the work that is needed to count, survey, and gather information about the homeless population of the capital city of British Columbia. Answers are needed almost as much as action. On February 20 the BC government will announce its budget for 2007 A group of homeless people will be on the lawn of the legislature from Noon until 2pm having a BBcue and reminding the government that they exist.

Homeless count is growing in the capital, this survey will show how much. Next step action!

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barnido2014 on 2014.03.09

The survey is really a good start for some people who wants to have a good result. - Kris Krohn Strongbrook

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