St. Ann's update- Saturday, April 28th, 2012: progress on Tour prep

2012.04.28 - 4:26 PM

St. Ann's update- Saturday, April 28th, 2012: progress on Tour prep


Been wonderously busy. I'll put links at the end.

k- first. Tour stuff. Finished the the Tour poster which now includes times and places of venues (attached in .jpg and .doc versions and here- ). Integrated them into a Google Map thingy where people can zoom right down and see exactly where I'm going to be ( ). The poster will start going up in all of the venue cities within the next couple days. Tidied Facebook stuff with event page and overview ( basic copy of over view here- ). The Wasteland Survival: Tips and Web Log page on Facebook is going to be the primary repository for Tour documentation ( ) and video tips (which can also be viewed on their youtube playlist- ... though, I am hoping for more 'likes' on the facebook page if you want to watch them there).

Finished Wasteland Survival Tip #7: Your True Ninja Self

Shebib has been having Sunday dinners and everyone is invited. Set for 4 PM.

Wishlist still stands- a sturdy umbrella, iPhone screen protector, iPhone wall charger, iPhone wrist brace, comfy light shoes, a hat and an 11.6" screen 'gaming' laptop (will trade my Dell 15" screen laptop... on that note, I'm still really could use a more stable power cord for a Dell Inspiron 1501).

Feel free to forward and distribute the poster (attachments include .jpg and .doc versions), and the Google venue map and Facebook Wasteland Survival page links.The garnering of 'global notoriety' doesn't stop and can use all the help it gets (AKA how is your international social network and do you know any famous people?).

PS: got a letter from the other David Johnston (the GG). seems he is too busy to do tea with me when I reach Ottawa on June 23rd. I invited his secretary out to go dancing for that evening (St. Jean the Baptist day).

PPS: Hey, P. Gill. You once told someone that I'd make a good Sikh if I didn't smoke... God told me to tell you that you'd make a good Sikh too if you valued truth more than your life.

Alrighty. Love you all.

In humble refinement and augmentation of the ego,


David Arthur Johnston

Victoria, BC, Canada

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