Stand By Me

2006.10.24 - 1:06 AM


As a result of unlawful police actions in the city of Victoria, B.C. coupled with the ongoing corruption within the government, causing undue harm to it's citizan's, Ancient Clown has taken control of another building within the city limits of Victoria, that shall be kept a 'very secret plan' for now as the only official release or knowledge is being shared here. Through here he is calling on 'National Support' from across the country as he is, coast to coast Canadian.
"Stand By Me", is the cry going out to all the homeless across the country.
"Let My People Go", is the ultimatum being served the government.
Unconditional surrender by adding 'Poverty & Homelessness' to the Human Rights Act, and removing 'Cannabis' from the Criminal code, are the only terms on the table.
He is currently demanding to meet with the owner of the "Travellers Inn" chain that spans Vancouver Island. His reasons are being kept private at this point until the meeting can take place.
Then he told 2 friends and she told 2 friends and the secret plan got around.
For those immediately in Vancouver and on the surrounding Islands, get a jump on the early ferry and come to Victoria. Support here is non-existant. The homeless across the Nation need your help here NOW. Co-ordinate your efforts here at DreamSpace.
your humble servant,
Ancient Clown.


ancientclown on 2006.11.03

This squat was abandoned days later. As nobody would stand in support, and the film footage of the Victoria squat was hijacked by Ian(Capt.Sweep), it became necassary to abandon the squat as a negotiation tool in order to re-obtain the raw footage which was viewed as more important than a single squater(me). Despite the removal of all aid to do so, all efforts are still being made to transfer and edit this footage.
your humble servant,
Ancient Clown

SandySooth on 2013.12.30

Stand by me? I think I will have to trust him with this one. It is something we all are anticipating very well. - Paul Kadri

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