St. Ann's update- Saturday, April 14th, 2012: Wasteland Survival

2012.04.14 - 5:38 PM

St. Ann's update- Saturday, April 14th, 2012: Wasteland Survival


Wasteland Survival: Tips and Web Log-

Finished video tip #2 a couple days ago and hope to have #3 and #4 up by tonight.

Got a venue in Calgary. Happy with that. Posters will start going up there soon.

Been hard at it. Still could use some help with other venues (Vancouver, Regina, Toronto, Montreal and Quebec). Even just good ideas about town squares and such. Will only need it for an hour or two. And once the venue is confirmed then volunteers are much easier to get for putting up posters.

Monday Magazine has an article in this week's edition. Did a really good interview with a newspaper from Edmonton. There has been a lot of stuff... I don't seem to do anything but prepare...

The redux of L and F is also coming along... there is some stuff an iPhone editor cannot do- I hope any quality lost will be forgiven when it gets posted online.

Was kicked down an awesome little sleeping bag for the tour. Am in the process of making a felted hippy iPhone case for the PiPboy. Still have a bit of a wish list- an umbrella, iPhone 3gs screen protectors, 11.6" screen laptop powerful enough to be a mobile editing studio (what the kids call a 'gaming' laptop... will trade this 15" screen Dell and offer 4 hours of labour), and a hat of some sort.

Cheers. Check out the Wasteland Survival link. It is going to be sticking around... I imagine I'll be updating it with more frequency than I do the St. Ann's updates (don't be jealous, there's room for everyone).

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