Heaven's Heroes

2006.09.05 - 2:44 PM

Using film shot by Capt. Sweep, and produced at DreamSpace, Ancient Clown edits together a revealing and powerful documentary exposing, an ... all » "Open Forum" that was hosted by the CBC, concerning the issues of the homeless problem in downtown Victoria & other cities across Canada. Promoted as a place where everyone's voice deserves to be heard, upon seeing the documentary it becomes evident that it is anything but. Key speakers and advocates of the homeless are repeatedly turned away, while city council and police talk about what a great job they are doing. The "underlying issues" that prompt these lies reveal the very essence of man's journey and struggle with AWAKENING...'FEAR & GREED' and the refusal to acknowledge that which is within ourselves. This documentary "Reports the TRUTH" the media is afraid to include when they "Make the NEWS" in an attempt to bring about the realization that UNTIL we 'STOP' being a part of the problem we'll NEVER be a part of the solution...However, as SOON as we 'STOP' being a part of the problem, we immediately become the solution.

your humble servant, Ancient Clown
Heaven's Hero's

Blessings, my brothers & sisters. I have met a fair number of you over the years while, walking on my journey. A lot of you, far too many of you, have been taken from the rest of us, in the time I've been 'Walking with the Homeless'. This is how I describe it, as I wasn't FORCED to do so, but chose to be as GOD intended.
This documentary exposes the lies and corruptions at an "OPEN FORUM" hosted by the CBC in Victoria, B.C. Reporting the TRUTH, the media is afraid to include when they 'Make the NEWS'.
your humble servant,
Ancient Clown

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ancientclown on 2006.09.05


PLEASE go to google and watch & vote for 'our' documentary. Let's try to get it in the top 100 and FORCE the issue. Let's not let them get away with their double talk...I didn't even bring to light ALL the lies they tell...how many more can YOU spot? Even if you don't like it, say so by voting that it sucks...I'm not asking anyone to stack the votes...share..vote..and be HONEST.
I also invite you to explore 'Ancient's History' and share anything there of value you may find...there IS something for everyone, as that was how it was designed. With FAITH, HOPE & LOVE.

Heaven's Hero's

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your humble servant,
Ancient Clown

freerick on 2006.09.07

its great work..thank you all for the fight..being nfa is tough so i'm happy to see you all work hard to help us thank you

bowser on 2007.11.28

hey clown are u still in victoria?im losin my place in a week and probably headin that way

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