2006.08.17 - 8:56 AM

why the hell is it so fricking hard to find a place here in van ive been on a housing search since 2 months ago and i took a week off thinking that it would up my chance but no the land lords are all like i dont rent to your kind or we dont have nething open at all but when you look at the front of the building you can plainly see there is 3 appartments for rent and theres even a sign out side saying 2 and 3 bedroom appartments for rent now i dont know about you all but im getting sick and tired of being shot down because i have a different hair cut or i dont seem like a good tenant i cant get a change of clothes because i dont have the money and all of the dropins have for clothes is little girl and fat ass big and tall stuff i cant even get a razor to shave my face how the hell r you sapose to get a place when your not clean shaven or the shower you have to look at is so fucking grimey i dont want to take off my shoes because i might catch impetego or something now every person/landlord ive talked to looks at me like im a fucking junkie and all of you that do know me knows that i hate drugs so why do i have to run in to all of the prejudice they dont fucking know me just because i dont have a hair cut up to standards or because ive mentoned welfare whitch here in van is not enough to live off of a whole $510.00 $325.00 for rent and a whole $185.00 for my self


gadget on 2006.08.17

yeah man I hate playing the housing game. You just gotta keep your nose to the ground. It sucks but keep trying man you'll get there.

Ange on 2006.08.17

You guys are doing great! No matter who you are finding housing is a full time job. Keep strong. You'll find one. Don't lose hope.

jamescapoeira on 2006.08.17

Smoke, did you check out the place in Surrey? I never heard back from you about it. Give me a call today and we can set up some time to go out in my car and check out a bunch of places on Friday morning.


crankcc on 2006.08.17

smoke no worries some ppl get a place right away its all luck not finding a stupid landlord who only cares about how a person looks or talks and doesnt care about a personality but itll happen just have faith...

brett on 2006.08.17

Its a pain no matter who you are or what you look like - even psuedo-squares like me have trouble. Keep it up, you'll find a fit.

mora143 on 2013.12.09

Who have to express your feeling like this one? You must be pretty pissed to have this reaction. - Lindsay Rosenwald

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