Hobbled out of the hospital

2006.08.03 - 1:19 PM

Well I took a little "Walk" from the hospital, and decided to hobble all the way down to the library. My head is a bit light but I feel pretty good, I was lucky not to have any broken bones, just "Muscle trauma"

Pills the doctor gave me seem to make my stomach all "Buzzed" I guess now I know what being a care bear feels like.


Steve on 2006.08.03

So... you in the hospital or not?
If yes, which hospital? Which floor/wing?

May I assume that the minivan is now a microvan?

spaceprox on 2006.08.04

St-Jerome hospital Sacre Coeur,

And yes the minivan is not a pretzle :P

Steve on 2006.08.04

Take it easy, dude.

Say `Hi`to Cindy and Stacey the nurses for me.

And remember - you tie the gown in the back, not in the front.

jesika on 2006.08.06

steve? international calling card steve? or another steve? huh??

jesika on 2006.08.06

i think i just missed a whole episode. your in the hospital? you got hit by a minivan? you got out of the hospital? are you in mtl? RICH WHERE ARE YOU????? im looking for you...desperately....i hope you be at the hot dog van tonight my friend...if so ill see ya there..take care

Steve on 2006.08.06

I know nothing about an international calling card - so I must be 'another'.

By the way - why are you using my picture?

spaceprox on 2006.08.07

I wont be at the hot dog van tonight, but I am out of the hospital now, although I am severely bruised up, I'll probably be heading back up to the big city before months end, but I promise nothing.

purplelissa on 2007.06.28


How are ya?


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