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2011.02.09 - 7:59 AM

wacth the vid at the boton of the page you be amaze

YOU are the Saviour of YOUR world.... Isn’t it about time you admitted it? Only when you accept it will you have the power BE it...
it's perfect love - perfect that you can see - perfect that you can accept it and perfect that you can embra...ce it - WE ARE BALANCE = ) all of us with the power of both dark and light within - it is where you choose to focuse and part of you you choose to act on that defines who you are...
As for not knowing that you are making a difference simply by being it is very simple my lady - the CREATOR created and loves all that is - ALL that is a part of CREATION and so without each and every part what IS would not BE COMPLETE - which makes you a very very important person - as are WE ALL>>>

Jean Victoria Norloch

2. 2011: A Year of Massive, Visible Changes

Ron Van Dyke

For those who think 2010 was a significant year of change, hang on! Before 2011 is over, we will look back at 2010 and think we were standing still.

Many will rightly ask, “On what do you base this prediction?”

According to the best interpretation of Mayan Calendar information, the entire ninth step in the evolution of consciousness will take place in 260 days: basically, from March through October 2011.

Unlike most Mayan calendar teachers, Dr. Carl Calleman does not buy into the December 21, 2012 theories. He studied the information as a scientist, and came to a different conclusion, with October 28, 2011 being the completion date. Many other teachers who have looked at his information are in agreement. I am one of those, purely on the basis of resonance.

Each of the nine steps in the evolution of consciousness has a theme. The theme for the eighth step that we are just completing is that ethics and integrity will overtake the lust for power and greed.

I think it’s fair to say that we have witnessed many examples that capture even mainstream attention in regard to the financial system of the world, a system rife with fraud and corruption.

Once something becomes known, it can never again be stuffed back into the box. What is revealed is revealed; and the lies will no longer work.

This is not to say that there are no longer any people who believe the lies. Many are so set in their ways that they would not recognize the truth if you beat them over the head with it. Their disillusionment will continue in 2011; at least until … We’ll get to that soon.

The theme for 2011 is conscious co-creation. Together, we will be creating an entirely new system based on the paradigm of openness and transparency. It is also a paradigm of unity.

Unity is difficult to imagine when you look at the world around us. Opinions are as diverse as the multitude of perspectives from which we view reality. How can we possibly attain unity within such a diverse field of experience and observation?

There have always been unseen energies that impinge upon our visible reality. Many world religions have referred to these energies as angels. In more modern vernacular, these are referred to as extraterrestrials, or ETs.

Those who look at the evidence, going way back in human history, come to the conclusion that there are many ancient records of Earth being visited by beings from the sky. Many cultures referred to these visitors as gods.

Open-minded scientists and researchers in today’s world recognize an exponential increase in the activity of beings from other dimensions that are involved in events happening now on planet Earth.

Yes, there has been a strong desire to keep this information from the public on behalf of the powers that be—the proverbial Man behind the Curtain. Many nations, however, have already released their UFO files to the public. The United States still has not followed suit, with its leaders grasping with great determination to prevent widespread disclosure from occurring. What are they afraid of?

The truth is, our history, as we have been told it, is a lie. From the very foundations of world religions to the structures of modern governments, the truth has not been told. Irrefutable evidence and revelation of facts will transform everything.

Perhaps that will be the big change in 2011. Disclosure, not only of the fact that we are not alone in the universe, but more importantly the reality of the deep involvement of ETs throughout our history, will shift the paradigm of reality virtually overnight.

Faced with undeniable proof, mankind will have little choice but to see the world with new eyes. It will be the overwhelming display, often referred to as first contact, of ET presence that will create unity very quickly.

Not everyone is ready to buy into this; nevertheless, the critical mass has already been exceeded. What is the critical mass? Scientists tell us it is the square root of one percent of the world’s population. Rounded off to the nearest thousand, that would be just over 8,000 people.

Apparently, that’s all it takes to shift the entire human race. From a biblical perspective, perhaps we’re talking about the 144,000, that enigmatic number that brings the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. In truth, I think even that number has been exceeded.

Whatever the number, we have crossed the threshold of the point of no return. The Word has been made flesh, and the manifestation of the Golden Age is here now, unfolding day by day.

As a seer, I can sense the struggle taking place right now in the human population. I know how hard it is for people of many faiths to even consider the possibility that some of their precious doctrines may be in error. Nevertheless, incongruent beliefs will, of necessity, fall apart.

So much that has been built into our belief systems has been included for a specific purpose: to disempower the average person and keep him or her subservient to the control of those who would be masters.

The big lie has been easy to sell, since it coincides so well with our physical observation. That lie is separation. I look at my body; then I look at yours. Obviously, we are not one. I am me; and you are you. And every other person is also separate from you and me.

However, this paradigm presupposes that only that which is visible is real. Modern mystics, called quantum physicists, have demonstrated scientifically that the world we see is only a small fraction of the world that exists. In other words, reality is mostly invisible to us.

That which we have been unable—and in many cases, unwilling—to see is going to be made abundantly clear to everyone as the invisible becomes more obvious. Can you see, or at least begin to see, how quickly this revelation will shift everything?

It will be as if higher compartments of our minds are suddenly opened, revealing our blind spots. Most of us will say to ourselves: “Why couldn’t I see this before? It’s so obvious!”

The hidden treasure within each of us will soon be revealed to all except the most hardhearted and stubborn individuals. That treasure is what world religions have always pointed to. It is the Christ, or the Divine within each of us.

Can you begin to imagine what we will be able to create together, knowing that the God Spirit is in everyone; and it has never had anything to do with one’s religion?

Whether you can imagine it yet or not, this is what will happen, or at least begin to happen, on a large scale in 2011. This is why 2011 will make 2010 look as if it wasn’t going anywhere; yet, in truth, each step in the evolution of consciousness builds for the next step. Everything that ever has been, has been building to a grand climax of ecstatic revelation: the revelation of Christ as ALL and IN ALL.

The promises of God are: Yes … and Amen (so be it). The Creator has always had a purpose for Creation. That purpose has not always been easy to determine, and even more difficult to see.

As the plan has unfolded, most of us have only been able to see the chaos. Conflict has seemed to rule the day; and making sense of the whole thing has been nearly impossible.

Yet, those who have been able to see from the other side have always told us that there was meaning. These were able to see, if only in glimpses, that a grand plan was underway.

We’ve called them prophets or shamans; and each of them with an honest heart always told what they felt, saw or heard. They have spoken in every culture and in every age. They were the Voice of God, inspired to speak to their generation.

I’m not about to tell you that any of them were perfect—far from it. They were men and women, just like you and me, who had to deal with all of the perplexities of their individual lives and still make sense of their dreams and visions that often contradicted what they saw in the physical world. These are those that have held the dream alive within the human family.

As the Spirit of the Living God brings these gifted men and women together, a new world will be born. These are the co-creators responsible for the time in which we live; for we are the ones that have searched for a city that has foundations, whose builder and maker is God. We are the ones who have often been despised and rejected of men.

Yet, in a very real sense, we are only eyes in the body. We are important, yes, but we cannot do it alone. Everyone must find his or her part in this Body of Humanity that is being transformed, day by day, in ways that will manifest more clearly in 2011.

We are talking about a new humanity here. That which was impossible before soon will be possible again. We’re about to see the Son of God with new eyes; and as I look at this beautiful creature made without hands, my eyes fill with tears.

The whole cosmos marvels at the magnificence of the Word Made Flesh, multiplied to infinity—a multitude that no man can number (or at least count). To me, this is the real meaning of the second coming of Christ. And all the world shall see Him, and be like Him.

Let each with eyes to see and a heart to love rejoice. The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. 2011 is our year. “Behold, I make all things new!” says the Lord Most High. Namaste.

Copyright © 2011 by Ron Van Dyke. All Rights Reserved.


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