2010.12.20 - 2:48 AM

nickb2 on 2010.12.20

Update!!! Have not been on this site in a few years. Lots has gone on. I am now clean and sober since the 6th of september 2009. I am running my own little car repair shop now in northern Montreal, no longer living in Toronto, I have gained visitation with my son who is 7yrs old now. Just read the story of my life that I wrote back in early 2009. Wow, I have come a long way from that homeless guy I was freezing in Moss park. Will spend christmas with my son for the first time in three years. Same time span also for my family. ot over the shame of my past life. Took a few relapses to finaly get for than a year but I got it. Will work my damdest to get many more under my belt. Hope everyone stays safe for the holidays. Will be posting back more. Got lost with myself for a while getting better. Got a clear head and more room in my heart for others now. Merry christmas everybody. Nickb2


merdeka04 on 2013.08.24

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