its cold here

by Shul
2010.12.09 - 10:34 PM

A woman died in winnipeg this week, when she was taking refuge in a dumpster.

According to the Salvation Army, there are 1500 people on the street in wpg, but only 325 shelter beds (327 if you count this place).

I have two beds and they are both occupied.

Its really cold , but the powers that be have decided not to open more space unless it is -20c.

If you are reading this, don't come to manitoba.

If you have to pass through manitoba, please dress warmly!

I had a guy last week who got his boots soaked and his feet were pretty badly frozen.

Its dangerously cold, and we don't have enough shelter space.


mavie44 on 2013.08.16

I cry out for those dying in the cold, I hope that the government should do something about this. It's tearing the nation apart, they should give homeless people a chance to live a decent life. - Gregory J. Daniels DDS

RobertSperry on 2013.09.01

I agree..Government has to take prior steps to help them...It is such a touchy story about the homeless people..Check
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Modeyvie on 2013.12.15

Sad to hear that, Hope there are all okay. I feel pity with them.
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monicaB on 2014.04.01

I feel bad for what had happened to the woman. A good shelter and clothing is important since it is cold in that place.

Dion on 2014.05.07

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Adam546 on 2014.05.13

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