2010.10.04 - 1:12 PM

hey all you guys i am in deadmonton again livin it up doing my thing i am in a carrer group at the moment but i also found a job as a resident glass blower whitch is great but i need to finish this program things have been looking up other than all of my stuff went missing / stolen oh well start new like always anyway i have to do a job shadow thing and am just kind of frustrated with the people i am talking to because they are all like we are not hireing at the moment and then they hang up well i would like to say to them i am not looking for a job but an oportunity to find out what i want to do for a carrer they dont have to pay me just answear a few questions i might have about there business and what they do but anyways hi to all that care and stay safe brett could you e mail me sometime man


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