olympic tent village is still up and running

2010.03.04 - 4:22 PM

Power of Woman group and Stream's of Justice pulled out but some people felt that the message still needs to be loud and clear that more housing is needed and not only housing but on demand detox and more addiction counsellors...so please spread the word that tents are still available if people want to camp in groups(more eyes the better for any tactics the police come up with in regards to human rights abuse..)Rise UP...JH


jhock on 2010.04.05

Well the last number i heard was 80 people got fast tracked into housing(now does that mean people who were on the list got bumped, allowing these new people to move in???)The tent village is down but keep your eyes peeled for new tent villages to pop up especially around the time when shelters will be shut down(end of April.)Squatting in visible sights does get you noticed and action taken.Its a good move.The olympics is over but the resistence contiunes...All my Relation's...JH

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