Follow your dreams

2010.01.17 - 9:18 PM

Follow your dreams and die trying to achieve them,cause in my experience, if you don't you will die slowly bit by bit every day. I wanted to be an artist, so I went and got some paint and canvas and started, and now people want me to paint them paintings. I wanted to be a DJ so I saved the money to get some equipment and practiced and got some gigs, and now all my friends come down to see me spin. I wanted a job, and it was provided when I was ready. I wanted a safe place to live and that too was provided when I was ready. I wanted to get clean off of drugs and alcohol and I am working at that one day at a time with the help of my Higher Powers and the friends I have made in AA. I have everything in my life because I decided I had had enough of that bullshit on the streets, enough of the drug dealers and the liquor stores being closed when I ran out of booze, but mostly because I had had enough of always being surrounded by a shitload of people but still always feeling alone. If your there, at that point in your life, right now as you read this, I implore you to ask for help. I did. And I was provided with everything in my life that is beyond my wildest dreams. All I did was realize I was utterly broken and gave my unconditional surrender. I promise you can have all your dreams come true too, all you gotta do is take that first step and ask someone for help, and actually follow through with some integrity and do it. '

What do you have to lose but everything to gain?


jhock on 2010.01.18

This is a great example of why homelessnation is such an important websight..Great advice Terrance..Bravo Man, Bravo...JH

Janelle on 2010.01.19

beautiful piece terrance. im excited to see what you will do next!

RhianonJustin on 2013.11.09

One of the most used expression of encouragement from the all the people that I meet each day but I think this is really effective. - Lindsay Rosenwald

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