Poverty and the Fiat Illusion.

2009.11.18 - 11:14 AM

In your typical documentary on poverty (or commercial for a charity toward poverty), we're given an illusion. It's not a lie, but it is a deception. A very simple deception. We're given the image that poverty is largely because of 4 primary factors.

*Drug abuse exacerbation. Inability to cope with unsuccessful life aids addiction, addiction makes successful life more difficult.

*Mental ineptness. Some people aren't insane, but they're crazy. They can function in daily life but not very well in a workplace, and that means their insevere handicap makes them both a bad candidate in the workplace and a bad candidate for funding. Fair enough.

*Crime. Fear of prison might keep one fairly docile, but an adjustment to the prison atmosphere can also make one less approachable in common society, less marketable in the work force.

*Education. That third world poverty largely has to do with lack of education. Education enhances one's ability to surpass poverty.

But there's more to it. So what are the missing crucial factors? The ones that are kept intentionally from your view? Mainly- 2 things. Invasion, and money. Before I go on, let's clarify two things? And let me put capitals on the words. I want to clarify what is Money and what is War? On a parallel to it, I want to clarify what is Fiat Currency, and what is Invasion?

*What is Money?

Money is an exchange of either substance or symbol with a common value. If it does not have a common value, it is NOT money.

Have you ever offered someone money either as a gift or trade, and then took a 5 dollar bill out of your pocket and handed it to them? Well. Guess what. It's not money. It is *currency* but it's not Money. Currency is like the current, the tide in a river. It flows in somewhat predictable ways, but it isn't money because it has no common value. Why? Because of inflation. What's inflation?

Inflation is the *invention* of *pretend* Money (ie: Currency), which *cannot* be exchanged for any common value. An example of Money is a note from a bank which legally holds the bank responsable to give you a certain amount of STUFF in exchange for the note. Maybe it's so many litres of solid gold. Maybe it's so many litres of solid zinc. Whatever the case, it's money because the bank gives it a *common value*.

The reason for poverty amongst a lot of people today is because they *believe* that they are carrying *money* when in fact they are only carrying *currency* (a meaningless word that makes no cents. Pun intended.) And that is why the dollar gets worth less and less. Because of inflation. But the economists tell you it's inflation and it's a complicated thing. It's not. It's just stupid. It sounds pretty sophisticated in economist terms . . . but when you translate it to plain english, it starts to sound ridiculous.

By the way. Do you know what Economics means? It means the efficiency of resources. If an economist tells you that the auto industry getting shut down is a danger to the economy, because of gas being replaced by biofuels . . . you now have solid legal ground to sue the economist for malpractice. Why? First of all the fuel source has nothing to do with the manufacturing of goods as long as gas tanks can be modified for biofuel (as they are). Second, because biofuels are more efficient than fossil fuels. Sure it's cheaper for us to dig out biofuels, but for us to *generate* new fossil fuels in order to gain energy is far *less* economical ("efficient") than to generate biofuel. What the economist probably means to say as the danger to the "economy" . . . is that it is a danger to the *Fiat system*. Ie: People dependant on Fiat *Currency* will lose more *Pretend Money*

What does Fiat mean? If you just scratch the surface you'll see the definition: "let it be." But look closer. Do you know what a Military Fiat is? It is the power of Military to operate without parliamentary process. Ie: Due process. Fiat means . . . to invoke something without due process. Without justification. Fiat Currency is Meaningless, unjustified junk. They are telling you in their own words, they just scramble it under layers of meaningless redefinition so that you don't connect the dots.

Military Fiat brings me to my next point.

*What is War?

War is what happens when nations cannot resolve their disputes philosophically. They can't compromise. You've heard of the news talk about the War on Iraq? Well . . . I would like to put executives of NBC on trial for crimes against humanity, as well as many others, but let me get back to the point. Iraq was never at War. Iraq was *invaded* by the United States and most third world countries are impoverished because of invasion (typically from guess who, your Canadian neighbour parliament)

The main difference between a War and Invasion is that an Invasion is a Military Fiat. Ie: It does not undergo legal process, just as the United Nations declared the United States of doing when they were accused of "Pre-emptive Strike" AKA Invasion!


Governments are erected and enforced by ordinary people like you and me. They are not a supreme being that controls every detail of your life. Although they flex a powerful military muscle which grows more deeply in arrogance and cruelty, the TRUE source of their power is in the deceptive *obscurity* of words, and *only sometimes* in outright lies.

To overcome the evil forces of the world (and I say this with candid appeal, we tolerated bush calling the Middle East "the axis of evil" afterall, did we not?) . . . as I was saying, to overcome the evil forces of the world (like the Bush family . . . one Axis of Evil, whomever their weird masters are. Some think Jesuits) . . . ahem. Sorry again. As I was saying, to overcome the evil forces of the world- we need a combination of both legal sophistication and brute force. Let us not become enemies between extremes. Saying that Ghandi is the answer but not Che Guevara . . . or Che the answer but not Ghandi. We need both elements. We need both civilized mediators like the Green Party. We also need more examples of military sovereignty within the evil of nations (eg: WACO texas!)

And yes, finally, we will need to admit that there is a war going on. But to completely dissillusion ourselves from the belief that war is what the press tells us it is. The mainstream press (which is owned by nuclear arms dealers, by the way) remains accurate about almost everything except for the careful subjects they want to usher away. They tell us that the war is between those loving a free society, against those wanting an oppressive regime. They say that the war is between those wanting true seculiarity, against those wanting an unabated military-enforced religion (like forced Atheism). The only difference between what they say and what is implied by their speach is that the war is the United States and United Nations and United Kingdom against the world.

Guess what. I'm sorry to seem so heavy-handed. The war is ALMOST that. But in fact, it is the war of the people- freedom-loving, religiously-tolerant, true democratic republic . . . against the force of amassing evil United *against* freedom and religious tolerance. That is: The United States, United Kingdom, and United Nations. That is NATO, and whatever boasts New World Order or One World Religion. It is the Credit Union, and the Federal Reserve. It is the keepers of the twin towers which killed their own people to make an image of their own victimization eclipse the true deaths of starvation worldwide. It is the dictators they install after an invasion- clearly evil but only puppets of the same king.

The enemy of the state is the Fiat Enemy. The deceptive traitor which assumes no justification for its actions. It links itself to your Currency, your newspaper, and your Tellevision. It puts whatever energy it can - coal, oil, nuclear - in front of truly economic solutions like magnetic propulsion (Facebook Free Energy Device). And like the many powerful religions have claimed about the central antagonist in all their stories- the enemy only has the power by the faith that you put into it.


MissAngellCain on 2009.11.18

Well said! Although you forgot to throw Canada into the mix of "united against freedom". Don't be naive about your own country!

I learned about the currency vs. money system through a book titled "Increase Your Financial IQ" and what you are saying makes complete sense! The current system of "economics" is faulty and the "Fiat" system of currency is an unfair game that only few have learned how to play. But if you look at human history, when has anything been fair?! Should we move to a more efficient way of buying and selling (trading goods)? I agree! Yet, someone is always going to accumulate more of any hot commodity than another making them wealthier.

On a social level, I will say that Facebook is the new social forum and can be used to build a healthy relationships and an active society. It all depends on the user, similar to religion and spirituality. It's how you use it and how you perceive it that matters.

On Freedom: Where there is freedom there is responsibility. And a true democracy in my opinion will not work unless all people share similar goals, which we know is not the current case. With the current influx of information that we have at our finger tips on a daily basis, minute to minute, our brains are only becoming bloated with ideas and opinions from others therefore creating a barrier between our true selves and others. Poor and rich alike.

I think the main issue here is lack if inherent spirituality and our inability to connect to one another and see everyone as one! Not as a "New World Order" one, but as living, breathing, feeling humans. Once we can create a society (via volunteerism, education and spiritual guidance) where we are able to make a deeper connection with our fellow homo sapiens and ourselves, that is when we can have a philosophical debate.

Remember! Watch how far left you walk, you might run directly into the right!

Thanks you for your post :)

MissAngellCain on 2009.11.18

Excuse the horrid typos in the previous post! ;)

MissAngellCain on 2009.11.19

Since I can't edit my post directly (which sucks!) I just have a few corrections I'd like to make in this post:

Yes, I completely missed the fact that Canada is part of United Nations! I think I was just thrown off that a Canadian would not mention his/her own country first.

Things that are inherent cannot be lacked! What a meant was a disconnection from our inherent spirituality.

On The Influx Of Information: We are becoming separate from ourselves due to the strength of the consuming collective. As a mass population we buy into others' opinions as opposed to trusting our own.

Thanks :)

Gaiaguerrilla on 2009.11.19

Thanks much, MissAngelCain. Yes, this website is hard when you have to use errata instead of deletion (at least let us submit our post to ask moderators to delete them? Sounds fishy when you're not allowed to modify a post). Anyhow, your point of view is interesting. Great to hear from you.

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