Couple of Observations

2006.07.11 - 12:16 PM

When did we lose our freedom of speech ?

So, I was panning up on St-Cath on sunday, and it was going fairly well. Now of course I had a english sign.

Now this is a fairly frequent occurence for me, I'll have some fat ugly wannabe seperatist ass cramer come up to me and says "Hey this is Quebec speak french."

Now last I checked, Quebec is a province in CANADA, a bi-lingual country.

As of sunday I officially became a seperatist. Now before you jump up and flame me. Understand I am leaving Quebec to find a better life somewhere "English"

But god help me I will still push for Quebec's "Independance" hell go for it. Cuase we all know what will happen when Quebec becomes a country. Our good friend Uncle Sam will come a knockin'

All in all, Im just saying



Roach on 2006.07.11

I totally agree with you, the french separatists are a bunch of ignorant fascist assholes. I speak french and I am not a separatist, I believe in bilingualism. By the way, do you know that Parti québécois call themselves a National-Socialist Party... does it rings a bell to you? Hitler's party was the National-Socialist Party... scary, isn't it...


mrmcbinner on 2006.07.11

wee wee misure yo! parlay vuu spare change for some pea soup?

Anonymous on 2006.07.11

You are truly warped Binner

Okay, in a nice way
Londo Mollari: The universe is already mad. Anything else would be redundant.

Steve on 2006.07.12

Allowing ignoramuses (ignorami?) to bother you serves only to give them a victory.
Such people seek to provoke a reaction. You react - and they get what they want - especially if you get upset.

Ignoring such ignorance is the best weapon against them.

But you already know this stuff...

By the way, Rich - forget about the individual(s) I asked you to keep an eye out for - I've found them and talked with them. I'll tell you about it when I see you - drop by tonight, I'll be there.

spaceprox on 2006.07.12

I had acctually noticed that myself,

Zeig Heil :P

well they do act like Nazi's half the time, go figure

chikkymyth on 2013.12.01

Wow, what is that all about? I guess that seems to be the thing we should be watching out for. - Green Water Technologies

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