Binners Get New Tent Trailers

by rose
2008.11.26 - 9:44 PM

I am not sure if I am doing this right. What I am trying to do is link a copy of the binners project that a few of us have been working on here in Vic. This is a very cool project that I have been helping video tape and edit. It is unique because it is providing the homeless with temporary shelter as well as a cart to use to transport things like batteries, bottles and other recyables that the homeless haven been picking up from around the city. This not only gives them a little shelter but it also allows them to earn some cash and provides them with a little relief from having to lug all their belonging around and miss an oppurtunity to pick more recyling.
So once again I want to express my deepest appreciations to the crew at HN for teaching me how to do videoing. Especially to Richard and Monique for all their support.

Binners Project

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monique on 2008.11.27

Hey, that's great, Rose! Looking forward to seeing it...

monique on 2008.11.27

Hmmm.... can't seem to find the video on that link....

rose on 2008.11.28

That is why I am looking for Chris' help to figure how to link the other website.
Take the risk

monique on 2008.12.04

Okay... I'll wait for Chris to help you out.... Everything okay with you? How about an interview soon...?

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