Dirty Deeds - Vancouver Insite Protest & Bedouin Soundclash get Shut Down

2008.11.13 - 7:57 PM
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A free concert by the band Bedouin Soundclash in front of Vancouver's supervised injection site was canceled before the band could hit the stage. Many people who had shown up to see this band perform such hits as "When the Night Feels My Song". The police alleged that the Portland Hotel Society did not have the proper permit for the event, as a result they came by in large numbers and shut the event down. According to the Portland Hotel Society, the equipment for the show was damaged/destroyed by the police.

Insite saves lives.

The interview at the end is with Mark Townsend, who runs Insite and the Portland.

Thanks to Bedouin Soundclash for trying to make a positive influence in the community.


Filming by J-Hock & April
Edit by Colin

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koburn on 2008.11.14

Hey HN Vancouver,

This was an awesome good deed by the band to try and make a difference. It seems that everytime people try to do something in the Downtown Eastside it attracks the police. This is nonsence the fact that police have to get involved with every little thing that goes on in the DTES. I think that we need to look at this and partner with everyone to make this not happen any more. Insite is a place that needs and should stay as it is vital to what the DTES needs to help to try to solve a problem in that neighbourhood.


Trevor Coburn

jhock on 2008.11.14

Thanks for the comment Trevor..Ya the police are getting in exercise mood for crowd controls for the upcoming olympics..gotta get in shape for that eh...???

Power to the People..

Janelle on 2008.11.15

permits or not, the police response was not warranted. rules are useful in some circumstances but this in my opinion was not one of those instances. the event was not designed to garner cash or shut down traffic, it was an opportunity for a recognized band to do something positive for the community. the problem is that the powers that be saw it as political and as a result saw it as a threat. as a result i would guess that the next group wanting to do something positive for the DTES community will think twice before becoming involved and this is exactly what i believe was the intent of disrupting this event. it could have been an opportunity for the police to stand behind a community and put aside the political issues at least for a few hours.

insight is here, insight saves lives, let's move forward instead of fighting the few resources we have.

Janelle on 2008.11.16

i sent this video off to Bedouin's management team, and posted a link on their facebook page back to our site. hopefully they will see it and comment. so Bedouin if you see this, show us your support and comment.

Terrance on 2008.11.17

Oh sure, when someone tries to do something to help the DTES the police get involved , but less often than not police involvement in the DTES is lacking in the areas that are needed. I witnessed an attack between persons on Hastings and when I spoke to 911 to request police assistance I was treated like a prank caller after I let them know what was going on. Because of the location and the persons involved (high risk street people) there was a lack of commitment for police do actually do there civic duties. As a former street youth it really annoys me to see the people that we as a democratic society have decided to put in a position of authority shirk said authority or abuse as they see fit. There was a saying when I lived on the streets, " The police of the world are just the worlds largest gang who are allowed to get away with whatever they want because there is no one to police them". Well I say that we as a society have an obligation to bring awareness to the rest of society to open their eyes to the corruption and lack of civic duty of our "fine police". I mean who exactly do they " Protect and Serve"?

Terrance on 2008.11.17

Oh yeah and the legal number of people required to be considered a gang is like 7 or more. Think about that.

FLIPPT.OUT.RAVER on 2008.11.17

I totally agree with you on this terrance, these mother fuckers (police) need to wake up and realize that insite is saveing lives ....hell i used to go there and i over dosed there and the people and nurses they have there helped me,now if i had of been an alley some where well lets just say i would not be here typing this lil message get what i am sayin people.insite saves lives and the dtes and the police should be helping the situation not going against it i really think it is sad because homelessness and addiction can happen to anyone............peace love unity respect.

jaythomas laxdal on 2008.11.17

This police action is against the positive position that helps a neighborhood,
for the police to act on this was way over handed, and a waist of time.
The amount of help Insite does outways the danger of the mob creating problems.
p.s no one was hurt due to the band, nor due to the message!

IreneTish on 2014.01.20

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