2008.10.11 - 3:29 PM

i guess everyone has herd that i now blow glass and am pretty good at what i do but things are not all that great in the long run i wish i had a camera so i could post some videos on how to blow glass i really want to start a glass school but i wouldnt know the first thing on how to get the funds if you can get a torch and help me out with color i will teach you but please be serious this is not for the winded because you need good lungs to blow some of the work that you want. first things first pipes pendants and bubblers downstems droped and not set in this is a very good trade to get into if you stick with it you can make bongs and dildos shandaleers goblets and other stuff get a hold of me if you want to find out more a torch will cost you $400.00 and color rangers from $3.00 a rod too $15.00 so its really not that bad i had to save up $3000.00 just to get what i needed but i am willing to share my stuff and knoledge with you my spelling isnt great but my glass is i still am in vancouver and am planning on staying here for a while my e-mail is message me if you would like to know more i have my own studio space and am willing accomidate you if you are willing to listen and learn


jhock on 2008.10.11

hey props out to ya smoke for doing your thang...thanks also for reaching out here at H\N and offering your skills to any takers.its great to spread the knowledge(ya maybe a tour of your workplace with the cam to get it up on sight.)Peace.


Janelle on 2008.10.12

hey smoke, good to hear from you, sounds like things are working out great for you. did you get that e-mail i sent you re: grants for you project (i sent it to you after we last spoke)?

as for making a video, we can certainly help you out with that, just let me know. my e-mail is

good luck to you, it is great to see you working toward something that you enjoy and are good at, and wanting to share that with others.

p.s your spelling was damn near perfect!

Katie on 2008.10.12

hey smoke, that's fucking awesome! I bet if you've got the lung capacity for blowin' glass still i have too... oh and by the way Janelle's dead wrong your spelling was shitty, but not so bad it isn't always obvious what you're trying to say.. well not that bad, except that it's spelled chandelier, not shandaleer :D :D Anyways hope you're doin' well we might swing by the coast this Christmas so maybe Jack n I'll come by and see your work

lotsa love and all that, Katie

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