Conjecturing the Beginning of the Tent-city

2008.09.08 - 9:13 AM

Conjecturing the Beginning of the Tent-city


thinking of ideals

Seed collection right away, noting the shame of mindlessly discarding good food seeds. ASAP greenhouse for germinating.

Should I offer myself to the chief of police in a display of humility, giving him the option of depriving the movement of a recognizable focal point (me), just so I could talk to him about inevitabilities and the police's contribution to a peace-kept sustainable future. Bill, if I don't see you, I still hope you read this. I'm a spirit guy, Bill, weird but not crazy, and my experiences have lead me to a bunch of big truths that make it so I know most people better than they know themselves. When I see you I do not see a body, I see a spirit and I see enough of it to know who you are. The 'Crown's' reign is ending and we have the harshest of times ahead of us. All is not lost. Survival will be because of friends, and I've found that a solid gentleness does trump the allowance of viciousness... even if I could be taken off my center, I have gone past the point of no return- the thing that I am cannot be content with lies. Freedom is coming, Bill. Do we pass through a government and capitalist attempt to save the economy through martial law, internment and death camps, factory farms and complete enough destruction of nature in its profiteering? Hard to say. I know the 'Crown' isn't worthy to rule you. Patience be with you... now, where was I...

kitchen, outhouse, bulletin board, oil barrel cut lengthwise seemed to work well, sometimes methheads (or is it crackheads... whatever) steal propane stove components.

Set up is done when families can live there.

maybe collect lots of cardboard (like its going to go out of style)

I guess I just wanted to put it out there...

have good days. Monday. Noon. Courthouse lawn to rally before asserting.



jenny_foxie on 2014.05.13

The tent city has been pretty impressive. We should get the whole thing going. - Connie Sellecca

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