letter from an ex-student from St. Ann's academy

2008.09.07 - 9:41 PM

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Date: 2008/9/7
Subject: Re: Judge To Give Ruling On Anti-tent Bylaw

Seems weird that with something as essential as a place to call home,
all of those cities that apply for the funding to deal with
homelessness spend a lot on legal and policing fees to make sure the
homelessness is "out of sight, out of mind" . I wonder how much it
cost the city to pay the lawyer, photocopy, pay wages, and all of that
stuff related to this court battle. How many housing units would it
have built ?

As a long ago (1951 -1962) 11 year student at ST Anns (and not
necessarily one of the good ones) I remember as a very young girl
handing out sandwiches to homeless and poor people every Saturday at
the then Kitchen door. Somehow I think the deceased Sisters would be
appalled to discover that their gift to the province and the city of
Victoria has NOT reflected any of the values that they held close to
their hearts and put into practice for so many years.

I personally have an instant repugnance for those houses of worship;
that have put up the no trespassing signs.( even outside OUR PLACE)
Seems like Jesus was trying to welcome the poor and indigent into his
heart not charge them with trespassing or loitering.

40 % of those sleeping on the street or "sleeping rough" are our first
Nations People. Beggars in their own land.



Chris Aung-Thwin on 2008.09.08

Very valid points. I completely agree.

jenny_foxie on 2014.05.13

The ex student will be great. What could have they done to get this thing right? - Connie Sellecca

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