St. Ann's update- Friday, Sept. 5th, 2008: getting comfortable in the courtyard

2008.09.05 - 9:43 AM

St. Ann's update- Friday, Sept. 5th, 2008: getting comfortable in the courtyard


Today will mark the 3rd day of the 'casual' occupation of the library courtyard. The sign on the first day read "60 warriors could 'correct' the 'Crown'". Yesterday's sign read "The 'Crown' is a monster...... and what do we do with monsters?". Today, in an effort to give the 'Crown' what it needs to be cured, I expect the sign to articulate why pride is a sin. Does anyone know if or when the last persons were arrested for sedition in Canada?

I'm comfortable again, and what I'm doing is the height of right- the 'Crown' really is a piece of crap and it rules everyone who pays taxes (if you still believe in 'democracy' truly just stop and consider- the 'Crown' that has raped and murdered untold thousands still has executive authority over every parliamentary bill and court ruling along with the fact that no criminal case gets in front of a judge without first getting approval from the 'Crown'). The paradigm shift that all the new-agers talk about is the re-accepting that there is no land ownership- so the better alternative to the 'Crown's' future of profiteering and slavery is accepting that more than half the global population will starve to death and the rest will face the HARSHEST of times until all the newly planted fruit trees start producing. Have no doubt that when there is no food and your friends die, you will eat them or die yourself.

It has been nine or ten weeks now since the judge reserved her ruling. We were told 6-8 weeks was the fastest that anything like this happens and also warned that sometimes it can take a year and a half. So, in the meantime I concentrate on recruiting 60 divinely sociopathic warriors so that we could cure the planet of the 'Crown'. If you want to be enlightened enough to break out of this prison of retarded slavery, come talk to me- I'll be in the library courtyard under the eyes of the 'Crown's' office, casually within the limits of their office hours.

in patience and pragmatism,

David Arthur Johnston

Victoria, BC, Canada

Home page-

Journal of the Occupation of St. Ann's Academy (Victoria, BC, Canada)-

Crimes of Necessity- (from filmmaker Andrew Ainsley. Very comprehensive.)


jenny_foxie on 2014.05.13

The courtyard is really good. We all have to get used to this one. - Lindsay Rosenwald

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