St. Ann's update- Wed., Sept. 3rd, 2008: literally, the 'Crown' is the devil

2008.09.03 - 9:20 AM

St. Ann's update- Wed., Sept. 3rd, 2008: literally, the 'Crown' is the devil


I begin to pray for and protest the 'Crown' at the library courtyard here in downtown Victoria, where they have their office. I will not press the matter of camping as my intention will be focused on the 'Crown's' office hours. I will challenge any suggestion of loitering. While I am there I will share, with any interested, the vision of the 60 warriors and the correcting of the 'Crown'.

I will be casual.

David Arthur Johnston

Victoria, BC, Canada

Home page-

Journal of the Occupation of St. Ann's Academy (Victoria, BC, Canada)-

Crimes of Necessity- (from filmmaker Andrew Ainsley. Very comprehensive.)


mason halsey on 2008.09.04

the "crown" is in and of itself a spiritual idea given in a descriptive sense of what is attained thru the process of mystical enlightenment. look to the mystic side of things and you will see in history that all the great egyptian pharoes were crowned anubis was the only one in the kingdom who was able to perform the coronation for the new king pharoh or queen pharoh and anubis was the jackal or wolf headed god. the most cunning. the king was the only one at that time who had a right to be initiated into the mysteries. now anyone who asks can have the same. in fact it is your right to be able to demand it. however those who are not actuated rightly will be bitterly disappointed, and for the record the devil is the false accuser.

Hatrackman on 2008.09.04

I look at it more like- the 'Crown' is just another mafia family that has made a science of control while allowing for the option of psychotic behaviour. They cease when the people assert the right to sleep for free, understanding that conscientious behaviour is transcendent of the 'Rule of Law', thereby nullifying private property (A.K.A. people remember that they are 'of nature')

jenny_foxie on 2014.05.13

The update has been good. They need to do something to make it right. - Lindsay Rosenwald

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