On Voting and Why Not To.

2008.09.02 - 9:13 AM

On Voting and Why Not To.


Hi, I think a political party would be the best option to give these possibilities a forum.

It is extremely rare, basically unheard of, for activism to lead anywhere. The legal action has been covered by Mr Johnston and the ruling is supposedly held in reserve so that's not helpful at this time. Activism only works when it dovetails with a general turning of opinion in the population.

If there is enough interest to generate a political Party please let me know.




Hi Aaron;

Thanks for the input. The discussion tended less in a political direction and more in a direction where people were sharing their spiritual approaches to the question of where and how to live.

I personally can't support the idea of a political party because any political party would operate within the electoral system of Canada, and hence would tacitly acknowledge Canada as a political entity with legitimacy, which it is not. "Canada" is a fiction forced on the people by the Crown in order to enslave us to a politico-economic system which is as corrupt as any national entity one could think of (the word "Nazi regime" springs to mind, only it is not polite to say so, not in Canada.) So, no to the political party idea on this end. And I would recommend dropping this instant any remaining delusions about voting or otherwise participating in the electoral process--to so participate actually means nothing other than conspiring in the illusion that we live in a free society. We don't, so what next?

There are many ways to effect "a general turning of opinion in the population," all of which come from and return to the deep, total, fearless, love of life, and the willingness to be so in love with life that one would die for it. (And, too, so in love with life that one would live, and live fully, for it.) Perhaps I'll share some of my thoughts on these other ways with you soon. Never doubt the capacity of a single gesture to change the world. Is that "activism"? Is it "activism" when just the right word sets off an explosion in the collective Mind that breaks the deathspell once and for all. It is not childish fantasy to remember that miracles are constantly happening; it is worth remembering, too, the immortal words of that great saint and mystic Franz Kafka---
1)" The belief in progress does not entail the belief that any progress has yet been made. That is not the sort of belief that indicates real faith."

Lest we let Evil make us believe we can have favours from it... (And, too, lest we let Evil delude us into thinking that it is anything other than a dance partner sent by god to teach us some really cool moves. There is, of course, only love.)




And an addendum to my former reply.


(To Aaron):

That said, life is always reminding me that there is no place that is not god, so if the spirit really does inspire you to want to generate a political party, go for it. I won't vote for you, not because I don't like you, but because, barring being compelled to do so by the Hand of God, I won't ever vote.
In the end, who am I to say what does or does not constitute right action. All I can say is how I see it at this time. Still, I will say that we can be so obsessed with the "non-judgment thing", so obsessed with remembering that all is love that we stop ourselves from calling shit shit. So---if you are destined to be the next president or trustee and destined to save the world in that way, far be it for me to stop you. I do think our energies are better directed otherwise.


P.S. It is funny that you use the word "activism" to allude to my activities. My old self would shit in her grave if she heard that I was involved in anything by that name, or with anyone who was associated with that term. I tend to see my activities as yoga--i.e. life force directed at union. Only I recognize that my body is not separate from the body of the whole, so that those "postures" I do to work on blockages in the body's energy systems sometimes take a public form--because my heart, liver, spleen, mind, brain, energy IS the heart, mind, brain energy of the whole and I can't NOT recognize this.


jenny_foxie on 2014.05.13

I still think we should vote. That is our right and that is just great. - Lindsay Rosenwald

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